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Lola at Tregenna Castle St Ives March 2009

Lola at Tregenna Castle St Ives March 2009

Lola is believed to be the only one of her kind in the whole of the UK!

Lola, as she is now known, was born in 1964, she had her steering wheel strategically placed on the left-hand side and has spent her life prior to her recent migration to Strawberry Leisure in Cornwall basking in the sunny dry state of California USA. This is a vitally important factor in her life as it means she migrated to Cornwall some 44 years later, totally rust free and as such has a great body!

Lola is a first generation (T1) VW transporter, frequently referred to as a Splittie, a name directly attributed to the split windscreen feature. In addition to this, Lola also benefits from ’Safari’ style front windows. These are a bit like flip-up sunglasses but ultra-cool!

It may surprise many that the iconic VW split-screen transporter is a post war creation. The Splittie went into production for the first time on the 1st of December 1948 and was formally launched at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1950.

Our Lola is what is known as a “Kombi” variant of the Splittie. This model made its debut on May the 16th 1950 and was devised as a versatile hybrid personnel carrier come delivery vehicle. Such was its versatility that the Kombi represented in excess of 20% of Splittie sales throughout its production life of some 17 years!

Lola however can be regarded as royalty amongst Splittie Kombi’s as she is indeed very special!

In fact we have been told that she is possibly the only split screen kombi of her kind here in the UK to have a full length, original fold-back sunroof (“ragtop” in VW campervan lingo) combined with a ‘walk-through’ (space between front passenger and driver’s seat).

For this reason, Lola was acquired and fully restored inside and out with a number of custom features added with the sole intention of providing luxury, head-turning chauffer driven transport for up to six stars for weddings and special occasions.

Bob the chauffeur

Bob the chauffeur

Complementing her restoration work, Lola has had her suspension lowered and has been fitted with gleaming alloy wheels.

Her beautiful crème and white livery portrays a virtually unparalleled level of grace, splendour and coolness and with Lola’s full length sunroof and airy interior, you can really let the sun shine in on your special day and arrive in true regal style.

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