Latest 14 page brochure to be released on 10th September

Strawberry Leisure has really pushed the boat out with the latest update and new print run of our extremely popular brochure. Rather than a simple postcard or flyer, we have always recognised the importance of having high quality, professionally designed and produced literature, irrespective of the wealth of information available on our website. After all, having something tactile to thumb through still takes some beating and says an awful lot about your business!

That’s why we started initially with a six page brochure. This grew to 8 pages in the last update that took place this spring, but after handing out in excess of 2,500 in only a few months, we have been busy getting ready to run off a few thousand more, but this time the content has grown to 14 pages.

The new brochure will be available from Saturday 10th September. So make sure you get a copy and get smiling!

Excerpt from our upcoming new 14 page brochure… 


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