Supply of our fab brochure outstripped by demand!

It has just dawned on us that in as little a 5 months we have handed out an amazing 2000+ copies of our wonderful 8 page brochure – indeed we have virtually been cleaned out!

The good news is that this has given us the opportunity, albeit much sooner than originally anticipated, to embark on an updated brochure design with even more great content being earmarked for inclusion.

The popularity and desirability of our incredible vehicles has been overwhelming, to say the least, with enthusiasts, general members of the public, as well as couples to be, gobbling up copies like hot cakes!

With a significant number of wedding fayres coming up in the Autumn this year and beyond, we’ll certainly be increasing the print run this time around.

Our updated brochure should be available by the end of August/early September.

Finally, we received a lovely little email this morning from a bride to be who has booked with us for next year – we think it helps sum up the affect these vehicles have on everyone…

I showed my granddad your brochure as he will be arriving at the church with me- and he was so excited, it made his day. I’ve also updated my desk top screen saver at work with a picture of Lola, Lilly and Lulu, they cheer me up on a rubbish day.

Looking for a stress busting screen saver? 

Out very soon – our even better updated brochure!



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