Young Farmers salute Angela, Kevan & Lola

It was a very wet and murky early morning drive up the A30 to Bodmin today with Lola for the wedding of Angela Williams and Kevan Fitzgerald.

Fortunately a respite in the weather before collecting the Groom and Best Man (Rory) enabled me to leather down and sparkle Lola – it was then off to the church at Lanivet.

Suffice it to say, that by the time I had returned for the Bride, Lola needed another leather down and sparkle. However, just as Angela appeared with her father, David, the rain stopped and the sun shone through so we wasted no time to get Lola’s full-length ‘rag-top’ rolled back for the short trip to the church. An opportunity that just an hour earlier looked distinctly unlikely.

Despite the damp start it turned out to be a fab day – everyone was clicking away like the Paparazzi with Lola, as ever, lapping up masses of attention!

Angela was once a Young Farmer, so the newly weds appearance at the church door was greeted with a pitch fork salute by Young (and not so young) Farmers.





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