An April day in September!

An April day in September!

What a disappointing September, weather wise so far. This time of year is an extremely popular period for weddings. Understandably, many couples favour this month as a fairly safe bet for some good weather.

Unfortunately to date, the meteorological ‘rule of thumb’ for September 2011 gets the thumbs down!

Saturday 17th September was another very busy day here at Strawberry Leisure with all three of our gorgeous splitties in high demand. Lola, driven by chauffeur Steff headed off to St Austell for the wedding of Linzi and Jonathan, whilst Lulu, skippered by chauffeur Brett made her way to Porthtowan for the marriage of Kate and Ciaran. I (chauffeur Bob) drove Lily to Breague and Mousehole for Helen and Steve’s wedding.

During the evening’s debriefing session it was clear that none of the weddings had the good fortune of escaping completely the frequent and often untimely heavy squalls – “seemed more like April than September” was a much used phrase. However, despite unwelcome cloudbursts, everyone had a really great, fun time.

I always make a point of speaking personally to the bride or groom a day or two before each wedding to run through the final details and invariably the forecast for the day in question raises its head. My advice is always the same – whatever the weather, don’t let it stop you doing what you want to do. If you’ve planned to go to the beach or other beauty spot for some photos make sure you get there. You’ll still capture some magical and unique moments. Make every minute of your special day count, after all, it’s not a rehearsal!

Top: A special moment for Helen and Steve in Mousehole today during a rare but sunny interlude

Bottom: A magical moment from Jenni and Neil’s wedding in October 2010


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