Have you seen this Seagull?

 Looks like St Ives Seagulls are getting fed up with ice cream!

What a head turning sight – Lola and Lily with ragtops rolled back waiting for newly weds Matthew, Carol and guests

It’s Friday 2nd September and a glorious sunny day outside St Anta & All Saints Church at Carbis Bay. Newly weds Matthew and Carol are prpeparing to depart in Lola for a few photos down on the beach and sip some bubbly.

As you may have already noticed we provide our own Strawberry Leisure labelled champers and it has naturally become the norm for couples to keep the empty bottle and cork as a memento. Shortly after this picture was taken Matthew and Carol, by now husband and wife, emerged and together with photographer, Rebecca in tow, we made our way down to the beach in Lola whilst Lily was busy taking members of the wedding party directly on to the reception venue.

Glasses in hands and champers prepared for popping, I took care to aim the cork’s trajectory to where it could be easily recovered. With Rebecca’s camera clicking away at a thousand frames per second the cork popped and landed some 15 to 20 feet away from us.

Unfortunately what we were not quick enough to catch, physically or photographically, was a seagull making off with the cork, no doubt for an intoxicating sniff or two.

Well at least we managed to keep hold of the bottle, but if anyone recognises the police photofit of the suspect below, last seen in St Ives, we would like to hear from you.

 WANTED – last seen outside the Sloop Inn St Ives

Police photofit



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