Tell me why I like Mondays?

A Monday campervan surprise for bride Becky!

I just cannot think of a better job in the world…  Such happy occasions, driving wonderful, iconic  vehicles and sharing week after week the fun, smiles, excitement and, as was the case yesterday, a really moving surprise!

You see, yesterday morning bride Becky had no idea that I (chauffeur Bob) was making my way up the A30 to Treggurian in Lola to whisk her, her Dad Will, and her four lovely bridesmaids off to St Eval church. Thankfully, Saturday’s damp weather had abated and although the sky looked menacing at times the rain managed to restrain itself.

Becky’s fiancée, Jonny and his mate, Steve, had carefully concocted the plan and had deviously kept Lola’s involvement as a complete surprise.

My arrival by stealth worked a treat… Becky emerged with her bridesmaids, all adorned with beautiful  orange gerberas on cue at 12:30 to be greeted by a shimmering Lola, and I hasten to add, a very handsome fully suited and booted chauffeur!

Speechless, moving and simply wonderful….

Newlyweds Becky and Jonny

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