Out Soon… Our Wedding & Special Occasion Gift List

Put your stamp on the day and long after with our…

Wedding & Special Occasion Gift List

Quintessentially original…

Designed, themed and personalised exclusively for Strawberry Leisure’s clients

This is going to be no ordinary gift list!

Weddings today are all about individuality. Traditional predictability has been replaced with originality and, understandably, the desire of couples to put their own stamp on the proceedings.

We have the tendency to forget many things over time, but never how we are made to feel. There perhaps lies in this sentiment a clue to the widespread desirability our unique VW’s enjoy…

Thrilling, exciting, and very often moving, goes some way to describe the privilege of frequently being able to gauge at first hand the extra dynamic our stunning vehicles have brought to weddings and other special occasions.

How wonderful it would be if we could ‘bottle’ every occasion, letting the contents spill out time and time again to relive those special emotions. Although this particular science remains elusive, we have, nonetheless, been working very hard behind the scenes on a very special project…

We will shortly be publishing a wedding and special occasion gift list with that Strawberry Leisure twist of originality and unsurpassed quality.


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