Pictures from an April day in September!

‘An April Day in September’ was how we described in our recent blog the showery and gusty day Helen and Steve experienced for their wedding on the 17th September. Their ceremony at Breague Church was followed by a reception at The Old Coastguard, Mousehole. En-route to the reception in Lily with photographer, Andrea Michele in tow, we headed for some royal hand waving through Marazion and a stop off opposite St Michaels Mount for a photo call. Despite frequent and torrential downpours, the weather eventually perked-up. Helen and Steve had a simply wonderful time and, as you will see, Andrea managed to get some fab shots…

Oh, nearly forgot to mention a few words of chauffeur Bob’s wisdom…

“I always make a point of speaking personally to the bride or groom a day or two before each wedding to run through the final details and invariably the forecast for the day in question raises its head. My advice is always the same – whatever the weather, don’t let it stop you doing what you want to do. If you’ve planned to go to the beach or other beauty spot for some photos make sure you get there. You’ll still capture some magical and unique moments. Make every minute of your special day count, after all, it’s not a rehearsal!”

Photographs by Andrea Michele

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