A showcase wedding in the West End!

Polishing, coffee, buffing, coffee, polishing etc was Friday’s precursor to another very busy weekend here at Strawberry Leisure HQ.

On Sunday we’ll be pointing Lily eastwards for our penultimate wedding fayre of the year at Kingsley Village, but today, I (chauffeur Bob) escorted Lola, on another very important engagement to help celebrate the marriage of Megan and Craig.

It was off up the A30 to Lanner on a fresh but sunny autumnal morning to collect Craig, his best man, Simon and Craig’s daughter Ellie.  The recently refurbished St Euny Church at Redruth welcomed the first delivery of VIP’s exactly on cue. It was about turn for Lola and a quick trip to the West End, not to see a show, but to collect Megan’s mum and bridesmaids before finally returning for the bride and escort,  Dad Steve. As we neared the church with Lola’s fab rag-top (sunroof) rolled back, photographer snapping away,  vicar and bridesmaids looking on, Megan and her dad spontaneously stood up for some royal waving on our final approach. This unique and spectacular feat clearly made a lasting impression on the vicar. During the service Lola was visited by a campanologist (bell ringer) for a once over, under strict instructions from the vicar. Indeed, Megan’s arrival became a major talking point of the day.

Megan and Craig sipped champagne as we made our way to  Godrevy for a final photo shoot with Lola. The occasion, scenery, light and Lola
(not forgetting the champers) conspired for what will be, I’m sure, some spectacularly memorable pictures.  

We departed for a wedding breakfast and reception at Roswarne Manor, Connor Downs. Megan and Craig will be honeymooning in Jamaica. Our very best wishes go with them.

Megan and Craig with Lola at Godrevy today

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