Meet thoroughly modern Millie our brand new chauffeur driven white Range Rover Sport

Whether you’re planning a cosy winter wedding, simply fancy a more contemporary feel to your big day transport or looking to mix classic VW’s with a modern limousine; then… 

For those of you who have seen at first hand our mesmerisingly beautiful and iconic VW split screen campervans, Lola, Lulu and Lily, you’ll certainly find it implausible that they are in fact a post-war creation, employing motoring technology dating back some
70 years! Indeed since rolling off the production lines, our three celebrities have clocked up virtually 150 years of history between them!

Technology has certainly taken a quantum-leap in seven decades with the ride and driving experience of then and now, incomparable. Although immensely desirable 12 months of the year, classic split screen campervans are not well suited to the cold weather and harsh driving conditions of the great British winter. Moreover, salt-laden winter roads can wreak havoc on these extremely valuable historic vehicles.  Therefore we naturally prefer to give them a well earned rest over the winter months (typically November, December, January and February). But don’t despair; you can still stand out from the crowd with our brand new, top of the range, White Range Rover Sport Wedding Car.

The Range Rover Sport is the definitive luxury limousine described by the popular motoring press as having ‘awesome presence’ so you are a sure to turn heads as you or your guests arrive in the most opulent style in a ‘contemporary classic’.

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