Pendennis Castle’s wed fayre gets off to a ripping start!

Lola with model wearing dress from Amanda K Bridal

The sun came out on cue today for Pendennis Castle’s wedding fayre – traditionally always a good weather day!  The early spring sunshine clearly stirred many into action for it seemed at times that the fortress was under siege as visitors made their way past the portcullis.

We arrived a good two hours before the drawbridge was lowered to set up the stand, plumb-in the kitchen sink and give Lola the spa treatment. It was then a quick change for chauffeur Bob – out of his ‘civies’ and into his uniform just in time to greet the first arrivals.

It was at this stage that Bob’s freshly donned suit pantalons decided to expose a chink in their armour. Bending over to attend to a rogue shoe lace, a rip the size of the Grand Canyon highlighted an area of insufficient fortification. For reasons obvious, it would have proved embarrassing to turn and retreat from the first wave of advance, so with nowhere to run Bob retained his composure, faced and greeted everyone with a rosy smile!

A brief respite enabled a quick retreat, a change back into jeans and the unwitting establishment of a new trend in chauffeuring attire!

Bob, spent the rest of the day explaining away the reasons for his suited top half, complete with ‘cuffed’ shirt and tie and denimed lower regions. To our surprise, the look really caught on – “a great twist of formality and coolness – just like your campervans” one customer commented!

All in all, the splitting start to the proceedings continued throughout the day and a great time was had by all. Many thanks indeed to Loraine Matthews and her colleagues for their hospitality and another wonderful event.

We’ll be back in October, hopefully only exhibiting the campervans!

A very busy day at Pendennis Castle’s wedding fayre 
















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