Rag Tops Reign Supreme!

You can’t beat the balmy March weather we have been having.

Also difficult to counter, is the extremely rare experience of driving a classic split screen VW campervan with a full length ragtop rolled back… the warm sun beating down, the wind in your hair (chauffeurBob excluded), the light, and oodles of attention.

Extremely rare!.. a splittie like Lola with full length ragtop 

On Wednesday, chauffeur Bob collected Lola from  renown vintage car trimmer David Nudd who is based in Penzance – Lola was dropped off a week ago for a pampering session, which included amongst other things, a new rag top and headlining.

Well, on the drive back to Strawberry Leisure HQ from ‘Nudd’s Boudoir’, chauffeur Bob reported that Lola was at her most
flirtatious… her mirror finish paintwork shimmering in the radiant sunshine and her ice cool rag top rolled back, caused a spontaneous outbreak approaching epidemic proportions of SJS (Slack Jaw Syndrome)! Lola really is becoming quite an exhibitionist, just like her siblings, Lulu and Lily!

Did you know…

Not all VW split-screen campervans are the same.
Quality is an obvious differentiator and a good reason to view, if possible, before you book. However, most don’t have full-length sunroofs or ragtops, as they are referred to in VW terminology. With the exclusion of the lesser spotted and rare SAMBA, such as our cream and white beauty, Lily, most are ‘Kombi’s’, the vast majority of which are tin tops.

Our Lola is also extremely rare and unique in this respect as she is believed to be the only Kombi in the UK with an original
factory fitted ragtop. So in Lily and Lola, Strawberry Leisure is proud to own the only two cream and white sunroof wedding and special occasion hire splitties in the county of Cornwall, offering simply stunning and memorable photo opportunities with lashings of light – a photographers dream!

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