Flirtatious Lola’s furore in Fowey!

Sarah and Mark’s wedding today at Fowey Parish Church.

Lola, this morning at the Pier House Hotel awaiting the groom and best man

Lola made her premiere visit to Fowey today for the wedding of Sarah and Mark and what a day it turned out to be! The Pier House Hotel, Charlestown, was the first port of call for Lola and Chauffeur Bob this morning to collect the groom, Mark, accompanied by mum Ann, and dad Rich, along with Best Man Philip and wife Jackie. It was then off to Fowey Parish Church before setting course to the impressive Trenython Manor Hotel to collect the bride, Sarah, her mum Dorothy and bridesmaids. Despite the ominous forecast, the weather looked favourably upon us as Lola delivered her VIP’s in majestic style to the Parish Church in downtown Fowey.

Lola causing a furore in Fowey today.

During the ceremony, Lola literally caused a furore in Fowey. Chauffeur Bob was being snapped up with Lola by onlookers and tourists galore, handing out brochures left, right and centre and was even confronted by a couple who wanted to book Lola there and then for their wedding! The proceedings somehow seemed to repel the menacing rain clouds and Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell emerged, bathed in late afternoon sunlight. Lola was in waiting, and with her ragtop (sunroof) rolled fully back Sarah and Mark could not resist the overwhelming temptation to stand up in her, wave and toast well-wishers.

Sarah and Mark’s photographers, Tom Allsopp and Susanna Stables followed us to the picturesque Readymoney Cove Beach for some final shots before finally departing on schedule for a 6pm reception back at the Pier House Hotel, Charlestown. As ever, Lola put on a stellar performance and was a huge hit, not only with the wedding party but literally hundreds of passers-by, onlookers and tourists. Goodness knows how many unofficial photographs were taken again today… really must start charging for these!

Strawberry Leisure’s VW girls… much, much more than just transport!

Chauffeur Bob with Sarah and Mark this evening at Charlestown

Chauffeur Bob delivered Sarah and Mark for what is clearly destined to be a fun filled evening.

Congratulations and best wishes to a lovely couple XX

(professional photos to follow)

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