Lola’s dash for the ‘titfer’and a right royal open top procession through St Ives!

                       Nicola with Dad, Tony (minus hat), en-route to church 

What a difference a day makes… Tuesday brought a welcome relief from Easter Monday’s unrelenting down pour just in time for Nicola and Rob’s wedding at Treleigh, Redruth. Chauffeur Bob with prospective new chauffeur Andrew riding shotgun, collected Nicola and her dad, Tony, along with bridesmaids; Rebecca, Amy and Nikki from Cornwall’s principality, making it to St Stephens Church with utmost military precision for their midday ceremony.

Lola’s full-length ragtop was fully back for the final approach in the glorious sunshine. The vicar, a self confessed Lola admirer, was in attendance and with camera shutters clicking and videography rolling, a rather concerned father of the bride tapped chauffeur Bob on the shoulder… “I’ve forgotten my Top Hat!” Ever resourceful chauffeur Bob offered his cap … silence! There was nothing for it – other than pulling a hat out of an unsuspecting rabbit, Lola would have to make a dash back to Truro for Tony’s titfer in time for the post ceremony photo-call.

Suffice it to say, Lola, with a 0 to 60 measured in hours rather than minutes, returned just in time to reunite Tony with his titfer. A pervading sense of calm descended. The photographer was happy and the local rabbit community could once again nibble in peace!

                  Tony and hat reunited 

En-route to their Tregenna Castle reception the happy couple and entourage enjoyed a wonderful hour of fun, frolics and photos on Carbis Bay beach in glorious April sunshine. Given the incredible weather, rather than go straight to the reception, chauffeur Bob along with the father of the bride, persuaded Nicola and Rob into an open top lap of St Ives for some royal hand waving.

Wow! What a wonderful, moving and memorable few moments it turned out to be. Nicola and Rob literally rose to the occasion and remained standing throughout, chatting, toasting and exchanging thank you’s with hundreds of onlookers and well wishers, often bursting into spontaneous applause and whistling. Lola with her extremely rare, full-length ragtop once again reigned supreme and was unarguably instrumental in giving a lovely couple some incredible moments that they will cherish and remember for many years to come!


                                        Nicola and Rob with Lola at Carbis Bay

  Can you spot the cork in the picture below…blink and you’ll miss it!


        The cork flies at Carbis Bay … captured by Peter Puddiphatt Photography

Nicola and Rob with Lola at Tregenna Castle, St Ives – Peter Puddiphatt Photography

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Did you know… a couple of factoids?

Titfer comes from the rhyming slang ‘tit for tat’ – hat!




Lily & Lola – head and shoulders above other campervans!

Not all VW split-screen campervans are the same. Quality is an obvious differentiator and a good reason to view, if possible, before you book. However, most don’t have full-length sunroofs or ragtops, as they are referred to in VW terminology. With the exclusion of the lesser spotted and rare SAMBA, such as our cream and white beauty, Lily, most are ‘Kombi’s’, the vast majority of which are tin tops. Our Lola is also extremely rare and unique in this respect as she is believed to be the only Kombi in the UK with an original factory fitted ragtop. So in Lily and Lola, Strawberry Leisure is proud to own the only two cream and white sunroof wedding and special occasion hire splitties in the county of Cornwall, offering simply stunning and memorable photo opportunities with lashings of light – a photographers dream!


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