St Ives turn out for Nicole & Chris’s wedding with Lulu

Nicole and Chris’s wedding at St Ives on Saturday 28th April 2012

Lulu in St Ives

Nicole and Chris chose our gorgeous, radiant red splitty with an interior to die for, Lulu, for their wedding. Chauffeur Alan was in attendance and picks up their story…

Lulu, was polished to her usual high dazzling standards and ribboned-up as I arrived, waiting for the lunch time departure from Strawberry Leisure HQ. After doing the usual pre-flight checks we headed for the Atlantic Hotel , Carbis Bay, for my first pick up; Nicole’s lovely Bridesmaids, Laura, Lauren and Emma.  Before departing, we posed for some great photos of them with Lulu and it was then off to the Parish Church, in down-town St Ives. As we neared the church, it was clear that a very large crowd of onlookers and well wishers were gathering. It is usually at this moment, more than any other, where everyone on-board recognises that all those months of planning are over… it’s here!  It never, ever, fails to get those nerves jangling with excitement, even us chauffeurs!

We pulled up and as the young ladies got out, cameras were clicking like mad. They must have felt like royalty… and rightly so!

I then returned to the Atlantic Hotel, where this time I collected a stunning looking bride, and her escort, brother Wesley.  We turned around and headed for the church, where by this time the crowd had grown even larger in anticipation of the bride’s arrival. As Nicole got out she also had the customary photo call before entering the church.

Whilst waiting, Lulu was subject to an amazing amount of photos, and I was bombarded by lots of questions about her.

Nicole and Chris emerged as Mr. and Mrs. Deacon and after a serious post nuptial photographic session, boarded Lulu, for a slow drive through St.Ives – the campers really do cause quite a stir when we do this and today was certainly no exception! Onlookers were waving, smiling and taking photos. We stopped at the slipway for a photo call and then headed to Carbis Bay for more photos. On the way back to the Atlantic Hotel we made one more detour and then it was time for us to say goodbye as Nicole and Chris steadied themselves for their reception.

Nicole and Chris are a lovely couple and we all wish them well in their new life XX

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