Standing Alvation at the Manor!

Sarah and Mark’s wedding today at Alverton Manor, Truro.

Waking up on the morning of a wedding to the sound of resonating window panes and driving rain is always disconcerting to say the least.

A quick sun dance in the front garden just before breakfast failed to hold back the forces of nature but did provide an interesting cabaret act for neighbours! So, it was down to the Met Office to come up trumps with their forecast… heavy showers to start, clearing to sunny spells later.

Armed with this heartening information, I, chauffeur Bob, pointed Lily eastwards and headed up the A30, it was so wet and wild I’m convinced we were overtaken at one stage by a fishing boat from Newlyn!

Sarah and Mark were staying at Alverton Manor in addition to having their ceremony and reception there. With the ceremony time set for 1:00pm, we arrived in good time to give Lily a spruce up after a rather choppy crossing and pulled into the Manor on schedule at 11:45am. It really did feel like I ought to be tying a Bowline and tethering Lily to a mooring!

Sarah and her dad, Terry, arriving at Alverton Manor

The plan for today was to take Sarah and family the short hop to Melpas for some pre nuptial photos, followed with a post ceremony excursion to Chapel Porth, St Agnes, for champers and more photos. A combination of the great British weather and customary late arrival of the bride meant that the scheduled 12:15 sailing to Maplas had to be cancelled.

With a timely respite in the weather, we did manage however, to get a ‘pretend we have just arrived’ picture of Sarah and her dad, Terry in Lily with her ragtop (sunroof) rolled fully back.

Fortunately this signalled a steady improvement in the weather and by the time Sarah and Mark became Mr. and Mrs. Stevens, the rain had actually stopped.

We set sail for Chapel Porth. Photographer Adam Gibbard rode shotgun, snapping away at the happy couple, me and Lily all the way to St Agnes, accompanied by Michael Bublé.

Sarah and Mark at Chapel Porth, St Agnes

As we made our final descent down to the Porth it was clear that conditions were far from perfect. Lily was rocking in time to Mr. Bublé and the Tsunami sea was frothing with rage.

Adam had the idea of turning Lily leeward so we could open her double doors and get a few shots of Sarah and Mark without all of us getting swept away. This worked well. Chauffeur Bob popped the cork, Adam snapped away at 7 frames per second before a salt impregnated chauffeur and photographer battened down the hatches for a hasty departure.

By the time we made it back to Truro the sun had come out (courtesy Met Office). We wasted no time in rolling back the ragtop and Sarah and Mark went topless through Truro city centre, standing up throughout, much to the amazement of waving onlookers!

The impressive Great Hall at Alverton Manor awaits Sarah and Mark

A quick tip-off phone call to the lovely Amy, wedding coordinator at Alverton Manor to get the guests gathered for our arrival, and we headed back. Adam jumped ship just before we made our finals and Sarah and Mark once again stood up as we approached the Manor to be greeted by their cheering and waving guests and a breathless photographer, still snapping away.

Sarah and Mark back at Alverton Manor

Congratulations Sarah and Mark … a really lovely couple who are clearly head over heels in love with Lily also XXX.

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