Sunshine and Dolphins come out for Tamsyn and Paul

Lily, teamed-up with a cream and white 30’s retro car today for the wedding of Tamsyn and Paul at Gulval Church.

Lily with rag top rolled back and bridesmaids enjoying the occasion and sunshine

Chauffeur Bob had spent the best part of yesterday preparing Lily for the occasion and as ever was in sparkling form.

The sun was out, the sky was blue and the birds singing for the short distance from Strawberry Leisure HQ to Canon’s Town to collect bridesmaids; (Beth, Jenny, Rebecca, Kerra and Natasha) and the brides mother, Armorel. Until that is, Lily pulled up outside and then the heavens opened!

Chauffeur Paul, from Roaring 30’s Automobiles was already there in his gleaming hand-built Beauford to collect the bride.

Fortunately the rain subsided and both chauffeurs set to in giving the vehicles a good rub down just in time to receive their VIP’s. Little did we know at the time but we would be drying the vehicles off on another two occasions during the ceremony.

By the time the church bells started to peal, announcing the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Sluggett, the sun was out to stay.

Lily’s now famous, but very rare, full length ragtop (sunroof) was rolled back and the bridesmaids couldn’t wait to depart for the reception at the Carbis Bay Hotel. Accompanied by the ever popular, Mr. Bublé, chauffeur Bob had the enviable job of escorting the fun loving ladies to the reception.

There is just something about Lily and Lola with their ‘rare as hens teggies’ ragtops that makes passengers want to stand up, pose and wave, including chauffeur Bob! So we did plenty of this (chauffeur Bob excluded).

A quick ‘we’re nearly there’ phone call to the effervescent Victoria at the Hotel just 5 or so minutes before the bridal party’s arrival ensured a right royal welcome.

During champers and photos in and around Lily we heard that dolphins had appeared in the Bay. On duty photographers, Christian Michael and Stewart Girvan legged it down to the beach to capture this really special and also rare moment.

A really lovely and unexpected surprsise on Tamsyn’s and Paul’s wonderful day.

Christian Michael snapping the Dolphins in Carbis Bay today

Tamsyn with Chauffeur Bob

Lily at Carbis Bay Hotel

Congratulations Tamsyn and Paul and our very best wishes  XX





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