What a difference a few miles makes!

Apologies for not posting this blog in chronological order… the computer said no!

Seriously, the deferred nature of this posting can be attributed to a groundbreaking ‘wedding transport’ idea we have been working on, initiated by the unfortunate weather conditions experienced by Deborah and Dan on their wedding day the 14th March 2012. Read on…

Saturday 14th March 2012 presented itself as a typical April day… “risk of showers which may be heavy at times”.

Two of our lovely girls were in action. Chauffeur Steff took charge of Lola for the wedding of Lindsay and Marc in Falmouth and I, Chauffeur Bob, jumped aboard Lily for the wedding of Deborah and Dan in Truro followed by a reception in Wadebridge.

First, our roaming reporter, Chauffeur Steff, provides an account of his day in Falmouth…

Lindsay and Marc’s wedding in Falmouth 

What a great day with Lindsay and Marc. Great couple! The sun shone throughout the day and Lindsay was able to travel in Lola with the ragtop open (much to her delight).

Lola at Pendennis for Linsay and Marc, ragtop rolled back under a lovely blue sky

Only issues was that the photographers wanted more pictures of Lindsay at her house so we were cutting it fine for the ceremony. That said Lindsay directed me through a “quick route” and we got there quicker than normal. Although we still had to wait at the castle before entering because the bridesmaids and photographer were still lagging behind.

The happy couple spent most of the afternoon in the castle and came out to have a few snaps with Lola in the grounds. We got to St Michael’s just in time as the weather turned grey and bleak.

Congratulations and best wishes to a lovely couple XX


Deborah and Daniel’s wedding

The morning started perfectly for Chauffeur Bob as he set off to collect his bride, Deborah and her Dad, Chris, from Tresillian for a scheduled ceremony time of 12 noon at the lovely Methodist Church in Truro.

Lily waiting for the bride under a sunny and clear blue sky at Tresillian

Whilst waiting for Deborah and Chris, the sun was shining, birds were singing and everything in deepest rural Tresillian was at peace. Unfortunately by the time the wedding party started to alight Lily, the umbrella’s were up.

Although the rain excercised a degree of prenuptial restraint throughout the journey to the church, it was clear conditions were about to go downhill big time!

This they did, and during the ceremony the heavens opened and started a deluge that was going to last for the next few hours.

Deborah and Dan’s photographer for the day was Khalile Siddiqui Photography, fellow Westcountry Wedding Awards winner.

Suffice it to say, the formal set of wedding photos all had to be taken in church.

The conditions outside were worsening as we made our way in Lily to the Royal Cornwall Showground at Wadebridge for Deborah’s and Dan’s reception. The rain turned to hail and temperatures plummeted. En-route there was a major incident at the top of Hamburger Hill on the A30 where a number of vehicles had come to grief in the layer of ice that had settled on the road – emergency vehicles were in attendance. Meanwhile we carefully progressed towards Wadebridge. Deborah and Dan showed that great British spirit and were determined not to let conditions get them down on their big day. Indeed, they were brilliant, perhaps helped by the the effects of the champers they had been sipping en-route.

We arrived to unrelenting precipitation and one guest announcing to us that the temperature had falled to just 2°C. It must have been at least 12°C in Truro when we left!

Planned photographs with Lily by the lake had to be abondoned. Khalile had an idea… and we did manage to get a couple of snaps by pulling Lily right up to the reception entrance so the bridal couple could at least get some shelter.

Deborah and Dan still smiling despite the wet and cold

In recognising how much the couple were looking forward to getting some great pictures with Lily, I made a promise that we will get together at some stage in the future at a beauty spot of their choosing for a re-take.

Despite some of the worst weather anyone could wish to experience on their wedding day, Deborah and Dan were fabulous throughout. A wonderfully happy, fun loving couple.

Very best wishes to a lovely and courageous couple XX

Watch out for a ‘take 2’ guarantee that we will be announcing soon… another new, great idea from Strawberry Leisure!


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