Dreambus and Petticoats for Victoria and Darrel!

Victoria and Darrel enjoying the moment in Lulu

A dream wedding today for Victoria and Darrel… dream weather, dream campervan, dream chauffeur (dream on!), Dreamboats and Petticoats on the radio… sublime!

Something strange happened today… I knew something was up the moment I awoke from my slumber, writes Chauffeur Bob.

The sun was shining and the sky was cloudless. Despite inflicting considerable self-harm, brought about by a pinching frenzy, the bright blue and orange hue remained… it was not a dream!

Lulu in Bodmin today

Lulu, as radiant as the sun herself, replete with her own UV wax factor 10 on, looked absolutely dazzling as I, Chauffeur Bob, proudly steered her up the A30 towards Padstow to meet Victoria. A quick fuel stop for Lulu and me en-route at Chivi Cross (petrol and coffee respectively) enabled a timely arrival at Trevose Head, Padstow, to collect our bride for a midday wedding ceremony in Bodmin.

Despite being told the day before by Victoria that it takes only 20 minutes from Trevose Head to Bodmin, I arrived at 10:50 as it looked more like an hour to me in a camper… 20 minutes yes, in a helicopter!

Victoria and Darrel in Padstow today

Over the past couple of years I have learned to expect the unexpected and be prepared for anything. Hence incidentally our new additions to Lola, Lulu and Lily of essential convenience items (plasters, safety pins, wipes, shoe laces etc.), all brought about from experience. However, I wasn’t expecting to have to rugby tackle a Jack Russell before we got under way…

You see, I felt it important to let Victoria know that we ought to get going at around 11:00 to make Bodmin comfortably by 12:00. I was concerned that it may prove difficult to book a helicopter for an 11:40 pick-up at such short notice. So I knocked the door. I needn’t have worried as Victoria was virtually ready but unfortunately their somewhat feisty Jack Russell made a dash for freedom. The concerned expressions said it all … “he’s not going to give up his liberty lightly and we’ve got a wedding to go to”. There was nothing for it, I made a rugby-tackle grab for the chap. In his defence he must have thought I resembled the postman, possibly something to do with the cap, and did what doggies do to posties. Good job I had my gloves on! Victoria and party exclaimed that I had saved the day and we made it to Bodmin Register Office exactly on time.

I managed to count my fingers during the ceremony and fortunately none stayed in my gloves when I took them off!

Mr. & Mrs. Simpson stepped out into the sunlight at 12:40, we corked the champers, had a few photos and set off for a reception near Padstow.

I popped on a Dreamboats and Petticoats CD for the happy couple and the effects of the moment, sunshine, Lulu, music and the champers visibly kicked in. It really was a lovely, emotional experience and would be priceless if you could bottle it!

Before parting company with Victoria and Darrel, we had time for an impromptu detour into downtown Padstow for a mini photo shoot in the harbour and for a few moments Chauffeur Bob became Photographer Bob. Both immensely enjoyable vocations… not so sure about Dog Catcher Bob though!

A truly happy couple, head over heels in love, had a dream of a day with Lulu. As ever, I thoroughly enjoyed the day as well.

Congratulations and best wishes xx

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