Gold Medallist Lily, helps Joanna and Peran carry their torches to the altar!

Joanna and Peran’s wedding on Saturday 19th May 2012 

Lily sporting her lovely colour coordinated pink Gerbera

Saturday 19th May 2012 was an historic day. As three-time Olympic Gold Medallist, Ben Ainslie, set off just a few miles away at Lands End on the first leg of the London 2012 torch Relay, our own Gold Medallist, Lily, was preparing to assist Joanna and Peran with their own personal milestone.

Lily awaiting the bridal party on Saturday at Scorrier House

Just as the Olympic flame was lit by the sun’s rays a week earlier, Chauffeur Bob and Lily were both stirred into action by the hitherto obstinate warmth of the early morning sun.

Joanna with her Dad, Geoff and Bridesmaids, Hayley and Lily 

Lily was dressed in ivory bows and ribbons with coordinating pink tails and a lovely pink Gerbera displayed in her front window mounted bud vase to compliment the colours chosen by the bride.

Scorrier House looked absolutely resplendent in the morning sunshine as we arrived on cue to collect Joanna, her Dad, Geoff and lovely Bridesmaids, Hayley and Lily.

Lily’s ragtop sunroof was rolled fully back, allowing the wonderful light and warm sunshine to illuminate her VIPs and a few photos later we were on our way to Trevenson Church, Pool.

As ever, the wedding party’s journey and arrival in Lily caused the usual stir of excitement. Lily remained totally unflustered by the occasion and gracefully delivered her special guests to the waiting congregation.

Lily at Trevenson Church, Pool on Saturday

Capturing this most important of days for the couple were photographer, Liam Addison and Videographer, Dave Muir . The light, colours and conditions were to remain perfect throughout the day so Joanna and Peran will have undoubtedly some truly memorable images and moments to look back on.

What’s this … new edition to the 2012 Olympics ‘Bride Catching’!  

Husband and wife emerged from the church to be greeted by the somewhat mischievous congregation which made for some wonderful moments. Chauffeur Bob despatched his cork, served up the champers and with the film crew in tow and Lily’s roof open to the elements, made our way to Portreath for a beachside photo shoot.

Is that a flake in your Olympic Torch?

Chauffeur Bob immediately spotted an ice cream van and stopped nearby to buy two. Both whippies with flakes, of course! It simply had to be. A somewhat tenuous symbolic connection to the Olympic torch had been made… well the cones do bear a passing resemblance!

Joanna and Peran, both now munching their symbolic 99’s, went for a paddle and photos whilst Chauffeur Bob entertained onlookers with the ever flirtatious Lily.

Joanna and Peran in the grounds of Scorrier House with Lily

We stopped briefly on our way back for some more photos in the grounds of Scorrier House amidst a wonderful carpet of Bluebells before finally making that 5 minute call to announce our impending arrival.

Some final photos before the reception amongst the Bluebells at Scorrier House

Joanna and Peran, like so many before them, stood up as we made our regal approach welcomed by their waving, cheering and clapping guests.

Congratulations Joanna and Peran and our best wishes for a very happy future together x

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