Picnics upstaged by 3 campervans and a wedding!

Jazmin and Antony’s Wedding on 5th May 2012

The bridal party arriving at Godrevy yesterday

If you went down to the shops yesterday,

You were in for a big surprise.

If you went down to Godrevy yesterday,

You would’ve never believed your eyes.

For 3 of the most amazing campervans that ever there was,

Were gathered there for certain because,

Yesterday was the day that Jazmin and Antony had their wedding.

Lola, Lulu and Lily came out in force to give Jazmin and Antony, their guests, Camborne and Godrevy included, a truly unforgettable day!

For what we believe to be a wedding transport first, all three of our multi-award winning girls laid on a spectacular wedding transport show, replete with fun, entertainment, excitement and tears all thrown in!

Saturday 5th May 2012 was Jazmin and Antony’s big day. Indeed, it was a huge, history making day for Strawberry Leisure and arguably wedding transport ‘per se’.

Jazmin and Dad, Keith, arriving at Camborne Church yesterday

Well over a year ago, Jazmin had managed to find a date where all three of our celebrity vehicles were available and literally jumped with excitement at being able to secure them!

Chauffeurs Bob, Steff and Alan had the unique and very rare privilege yesterday of driving Lola, Lulu and Lily, all for the same wedding.

Lola, Lulu and Lily outside Camborne Church yesterday 

Following a detailed briefing session, Chauffeur Steff, fully suited and booted, departed Strawberry Leisure HQ and headed for Camborne in radiant Lulu to pick up the Groom Antony, Best Man Adam and Ushers, Jevan, Kaleb and Aaron.  It was then off to
Camborne Church. Chauffeur Steff made one more trip to the church with guests before making his way to the bride’s pick up address for a rendezvous with Lily and Lola under the auspices of Chauffeurs Alan and Bob respectively, both also similarly attired.

The sun was starting to break through so no time was wasted in getting those very special ragtops rolled back. Jazmin and her Dad, Keith, travelled at the front of this hitherto unseen, head turning wedding convoy in Lola. Bridesmaids, Amber, Amy, Neeve, Eden, Khyanne, and Alicia along with Page Boys, Theo and Oakley and Jazmin’s Mum, Suzanne jumped aboard Lulu and Lily.

Jazmin and Antony direct Chauffeur Bob’s reversing into position at Godrevy

The reaction from onlookers as we made one circuit of downtown Camborne before arriving at the Church really had to be seen to be believed.

Upstanding for the arrival with the bride and groom!

By this time, a large gathering were waiting at the Church for the bridal party’s arrival, which was, in no uncertain terms, simply spectacular!  Jaws visibly dropped. It was as if a doctor had said “now everyone open wide and say AHHH.” Even after the entourage had entered the church, crowds continued to gather. Cars were stopping, people jumping out for a quick snap of the trio with their phone cameras, picking up a brochure and scooting off. We all felt like celebrities, even the Chauffeurs!

With bells pealing and the sun shining, Mr. and Mrs. Dale made their way through the crowd.  Chauffeur Bob popped his cork, Dave the photographer jumped in Lola and snapped away at the newlyweds as the royal procession of splitties carried on where they had left off an hour or so earlier.

Chauffeur Alan and Chauffeur Steff were clearly enjoying the day. So much so Jazmin commented how great the guys are, “they don’t stop smiling and waving!”

We made one more circuit of downtown Camborne, before heading off for a very busy Godrevy where our arrival was as equally as
spectacular – everyone in Lola and Lily were standing up, cheering and waving. The lovely National Trust staff waved us all through with enthusiasm and excitement. Photographer Dave directed the vehicles into an ideal position overlooking the Lighthouse, and another large crowd quickly gathered to watch the ensuing photo shoot.

We were under strict orders from Cyril at Rosewarne Manor to get back for 3:30 for the reception breakfast. Amazingly we were only a few minutes late which enabled Chauffeur Steff to elope with the Groom’s mum, Denise, who wanted a quick spin in Lulu.

A day that will be remembered by many, many people for a long time to come, that’s for sure!

Watch out for more photos soon!

Congratulations Jazmin and Antony xx



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