A Budock Water Lily!

Rebecca and Mark’s wedding at Budock Water with Lily on Saturday 9th June 2012

Lily meets Hughy at Budock Water yesterday

Chauffeur Steff took to the controls of Lily yesterday for the wedding of Rebecca and Mark. Unknown at the time, a few twists and turns lay before him. Chauffeur Steff picks up the day…

Yesterday was an interesting day for us all. I think it goes to show just how many things we need to cope with to guarantee the day goes smoothly. Upon reflection I think we all went through what can only be described as an “Indiana Jones” moment.

After leaving Strawberry Leisure I travelled the back roads to Helston. It was on that road that I heard what could only be described as a series of soft phutts. I didn’t think much of it until the smell of cow much started to get stronger. I pulled over to see that Lily had taken a direct hit as the farmer had been spreading silage in his field. I managed to borrow some water from one of the houses nearby and washed off the muck and Lily once again looked the part.

I arrived to pick up Mark in good time and gave Lily a once over. That polish is rather good! I pulled up to Mark’s house and was greeted by a crowd of enthusiastic onlookers from the village. A few snaps later and we were off to the church. With Mark and the guys (Jack, Ethan and Tristan) safely delivered to the church I set off to get Becky. I took the longer route as the town traffic was heavy.

Becky and Mark with Lily yesterday at Prince of Wales Pier, Falmouth

As I pulled up to the gate I entered the code necessary to gain access but there was no reply. I tried it again and still no reply. I was a bit concerned at this point because normally we tend to have a welcoming party, but I couldn’t see anyone. I decided to try the property next door but they didn’t reply either. So I tried next door but one and that was the same. I referred to my booking form and decided to ring the head bridesmaid. Dialled the number but got “this number is unattainable.” I then tried to ring Becky but my phone had just died on me. Fortunately, I don’t leave things to chance and had a backup phone in my bag. As I was getting that out, a service man appeared and let me through the gates.

Now on the correct side of the security gates I asked a resident if they could direct me to the bride’s flat. To my surprise, they said there was no flat of that name here. Now, I was very concerned indeed! I knew I was at the correct address because we all check and double check the details, but with nothing making sense, I did start to get that sinking feeling that something was wrong. By now my backup phone had booted up and I dialled Becky, the bride. Becky answered and I explained who I was and that there was nothing to worry about but I cannot find your flat in the complex. I told her I was parked next to a tunnel. Becky said we don’t have a tunnel but she will send her father out to locate me. Becky’s father appeared from one of the properties. Phew!

Becky and Mark celebrating yesterday in Lily… great glasses Becky

We loaded up Lily and waited for Becky to compose herself and then set off to the church with her dad, Roger and bridesmaids, Sarah, Olivia and Bethan. With the bridal party safely delivered I parked up next to ‘Hughy’, the King Harry coach. The weather turned and the sky darkened. It rained for about 40 minutes and then the clouds parted and the sun peaked through just as Mark and Becky came out of the church.

The ceremony was great and there was lots of singing. As usual Lily pulled a large crowd of onlookers. Suddenly there was a frenzy of snapping as everyone wanted pictures of the bride and groom and special guest Lily. The guests boarded the King Harry coach and we all set off to the pier where we finished off with a photo shoot. What a day!!

Best wishes and congratulations to Becky and Mark

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