A Samba around St Ives Bay – Calypso around Montego Bay to follow!

Sophie and Peter’s wedding at Tregenna Castle with Lily on Friday 15th June 2012

Lily awaiting bride and groom at Tregenna Castle, St Ives, yesterday

It was as a great relief that the previous day’s monsoon had abated and although the weather was by no means anywhere near as good as could be expected for June, everyone today was thankful for small mercies! Lily, our gorgeously rare Samba was Sophie and Peter’s choice for today, with me, Chauffeur Bob, having the privilege of driving them and of course Lily. Like her equally rare sibling Lola, she benefits from a wonderful full-length ragtop which was certainly used with spectacular effect today in, and around St Ives. So much so it seemed like the whole town was waving at us, much to the amazement of Lily’s VIP’s and photographer. You see, you never forget the first time you do a lap of honour around St Ives in Lily, Lola or Lulu. The reaction is truly amazing and somewhat moving…

Lily made the short trip to the outskirts of St Ives to collect the bridal party. The bride’s father, Sean was already waiting at the entrance. The vibes were good, everyone was just about ready. This really is getting quite worrying; it would appear that the majority of June bride’s this year have been uncharacteristically on time! Whatever’s happened to “the bride’s prerogative” I thought.

The bridal party departs in Lily for Tregenna Castle, St Ives, yesterday 

First to appear were Sophie’s lovely bridesmaids, Daisy, Liberty, Teagan and Shannon followed shortly afterwards by chief bridesmaid, Calley, all clutching beautiful pale pink Gerberas.

Sophie and Peter, now Mr. & Mrs. Coope pose with Lily at Tregenna Castle yesterday 

Sophie was soon to follow in her magnificent bridal gown and fabulous eye-catching necklace.

As we were a little ahead of schedule, I suggested we take a ride around St Ives for some royal hand waving before making our way to Tregenna Castle. Everyone agreed. What ensued can only be described as a wonderfully moving and touching warm up before the ceremony, clearly enjoyed by everyone, me included.

A quick pause and phone call to Tregenna Castle to say we’re nearly there. Arriving some 15 minutes ahead of the official ceremony time, as decreed by the Registrar, we made our way covertly to the rear, secret squirrel entrance, for the bride to have that ‘very serious chat’ with the Registrar. I’ve concluded it must be a ‘very serious chat’ as registrars always look very serious at this point! There to greet us was the Castle’s Will Sparling; cheerful, calming and far less serious.

With the serious paperwork done and dusted, Lily reappeared with the bridal party at the main entrance and there again to officially greet us was the Castle’s cheerful, calming and less serious, Will Sparling.

Approximately 30 minutes later the Registrars were first to appear and, looking just a little less serious, paused for a brief chat and to give Lily a once over.

Sophie and Peter, now Mr. and Mrs Coope, stepped out a few moments afterwards. Following a series of family and friends snaps on the castle’s lawn by official photographer Grant Lampard, I opened the champers and we headed for downtown St.Ives with Grant riding shotgun. Sophie had already witnessed the reaction of Lily going through St Ives from earlier in the day. Peter and Grant up to now had not. I could tell that they were really taken by surprise and loving every minute of it.

We arrived at a blustery Porthgwidden beach and with hands aching from waving, our happy newlyweds set about posing in and around Lily, on the beach and rocks. The sun even managed a few ‘glimpses’ to round off a lovely afternoon.

A courtesy call to Tregenna Castle signalled our pending return. Sophie and Peter stood in Lily throughout as we approached the hotel’s entrance, waving frantically at their amassing guests, many sporting amazed impressions!

A few snaps as the couple stepped out and it was time to part company. Sophie and Peter expressed their thanks for the great time they had had with Lily.

Time for one last photo at Porthgwidden beach, St Ives yesterday



Next up is a honeymoon in Montego Bay, Jamaica – our very best wishes and congratulations go with them xx.

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