A wedding Fiesta in Crantock for Camperfans and Midgets!

Kate and Ian’s wedding at St Crantoc Church, Crantock, with Lola on Friday 22nd June 2012

Arrival of the bridal party at St Crantoc Church on Friday

Attention grabbing, fun spreading, happiness making, excitement creating, incredibly photogenic, immensely practical with desirability off the ‘Richter Scale’!

Regretfully, nothing to do with me, muses Chauffeur Bob. Although, who would deny a chauffeur the occasional dream or two! It seems like the whole world is smiling and waving at you when in charge of one of our celebrity campervans. Reality can be unkind and dream shattering… back behind the wheel of my day to day car, I’m lucky to get the occasional gesture, or two!

As I’m sure any of our happy couples would testify, I simply lose myself in their weddings. So much so, I find it hard adjusting to the few days in between sorties adjusting to life on ‘civi-street’.

We’re on our way with bridesmaids, Helen,  Anna, Katie, Dee, Katie (yes 2 Katie’s) and mum, Sue

Kate and Ian’s wedding today was fabulous from start to finish. Our Californian ‘show-girl’, Lola, loves the sun and the hitherto illusive June sun was in abundance. Lola wasted no time in turning it to full advantage. Cream teas, sand dunes and a Midget, this wedding certainly had a Fiesta feel to it…

July is party time for the picturesque village of Crantock on the North Cornwall coast as they hold their annual Fiesta. For Kate and Ian the Fiesta season started today.

As always, I set off earlier than strictly necessary from Strawberry Leisure HQ and pointed Lola up the A30 to pause at Chivy Cross for fuel. A process that takes a few minutes in my ‘day to day’ car but considerably longer in one of our splitties, courtesy; the ubiquitous phone camera and questions from admirers. Lola’s wedding day showcase had started and we hadn’t even reached the first pick-up destination!

Kate with dad, John embark on an emotional trip to the Church in Lola

Crantock eventually appeared on the radar and I had no trouble in finding the exact location; an excited bridal party were milling around outside. A quick check over of Lola and we were ready to Fiesta! The lovely Kate appeared, already attired in her beautiful bridal gown even though her departure was still some time away. Kate, her dad and bridesmaids were absolutely thrilled with Lola, as were friends and onlookers who had gathered outside. Kate explained that a Cornish cream tea had been organised at the church for after the ceremony. “There are a hundred and fifty odd scones” and I was invited… one would be nice I thought, I’d have trouble with the other 149!

Kate and Ian soak up the champers and sunshine in Lola

The first run to the church with bridesmaids, Helen, Anna, Dee, two Katie’s and bride’s mum Sue, included the ever popular ‘sing along with Chauffeur Bob’ to calm a few jangling nerves. Waiting at the church were photographer Mike Hubbard and his lovely assistant, Victoria. Mike and Victoria had travelled down with the wedding entourage from Shropshire to capture the day.

Kate and Ian with Lola overlooking the spectacular West Pentire coastline on Friday 

About turn from St Crantoc Church and we were back shortly afterwards to collect bride Kate and her dad, John. John incidentally had just managed to get TUJ, his 1969 MG Midget project through the MOT in time to have it driven down from Shropshire for the event… a brave man if ever there was!

It was planned initially that Kate would travel to the church with her dad in TUJ however it was going to be Lola’s privilege on the day.

150 + scones piled up around the back of the church and with bridesmaids, vicar and photographers at the front, we duly arrived in regal style with Lola’s ragtop rolled fully back and the warm sunshine radiating her VIP’s.

Everyone posed for a few last minute snaps before disappearing inside for the ceremony.

Fifty minutes later Mr. and Mrs. Chaffey emerged to the pealing of bells and with wedding party in tow made their way in the direction of 150 scones.

Lola meets TUJ the Midget at West pentire beach

150 scones later the party made their way to Lola, a few with ‘tell-tale’ signs of cream on their whiskers, Kate and Ian boarded, the cork was popped and the newlyweds departed, upstanding and waving for the first of two photo stops before the reception.

Proud dad John, with Kate and his MG Midget, TUJ

First port of call was an intimate session just with bride, groom and Lola overlooking the awe inspiring West Pentire coastline. This was followed by a fabulous session with all guests present down on West Pentire beach and sand dunes.

The weather was the best it has been this month and everyone clearly had a great time. I lost count how many photos were taken by guests and onlookers of Lola. She did look absolutely mesmerising though!

A few sand dunes now in their shoes and everywhere else come to that, we finally departed for the reception at the Atlantic Hotel, Newquay.

Upon arrival I strategically positioned Lola around the back of the hotel by the terrace so that guests could come and have some final pictures taken with her. Despite the wind whipping up, it turned out to be a busy time with many guests not wanting to miss out on this final opportunity.

Kate and Ian came round in ‘bracing’ conditions to say a big thank you. It really was quite emotional.

Another spectacularly special day… gosh I absolutely love this job!



Kate and Ian are honeymooning in Cornwall.

Our best wishes go to a lovely couple xx

On the 2nd September 2012 we received this lovely card from Kate and Ian…

To Bob and Kate,

We want to say a huge thank you for making our wedding day so special. It really was the best day of our lives. Everyone adored Lola and we are still receiving compliments about how great she is.

This is our favourite wedding photo and I’m sure you can see why.

Strawberry Leisure really did make our dreams come true.

Thank you so much, all our love.

Kate + Ian Chaffey xxx



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