H.M.S. Lola and H.M.S. Lily Sail in for ‘marrytime’ wedding!

Carly & Tim’s wedding at St Piran’s Church, Perranwell with Lola and Lily on Saturday 2nd June 2012

Ahead of yesterday’s wedding, Lola and Lily checked-in at Strawberry Leisure Spa for another one of those shines that even Mr. Sheen would die for… no wonder I wax lyrical!

Saturday morning announced its arrival with glorious sunshine and our two topless, attention grabbing entertainers, Lola and Lily, were patiently awaiting their skippers for  a ’marrytime’ outing.

Chauffeur Steff arrived at Strawberry Leisure HQ at 10:30 hours to join Chauffeur Bob at the Chart Table before casting off shortly afterwards for Perranwell Station, Chauffers Bob and Steff at the helm of Lola and Lily respectively.

The flotilla made good progress, reaching 40 knots at times, to arrive at Perranawell Station ahead of schedule. Our adept seamanship enabled a brief stopover at Perranwell Station car park to give the girls a wipe over, fortunately not a Barnacle in sight! Within seconds, passersby were pulling alongside, asking lots of questions about the girls, taking photographs and requesting brochures.

Carly’s mum Debbie with bridesmaids heading off to church in Lily

Shortly afterwards, we drifted to our actual pick-up destination, just a few hundred yards downwind and it was time for Chauffeurs Bob and Steff to become acquainted with Carly’s Dad; Paul,  Mum; Debbie and fun loving bridesmaids; Celine, Kristy, Jules and Ro.

Carly with dad, Paul leaving for the ceremony in Lola

Mum and bridesmaids were welcomed aboard Lily and skipper Steff sailed on ahead of Lola, delivering her VIP’s to an excited and friendly gathering outside St Piran’s Church. Skipper Bob, bride Carly and her Dad; Paul arrived a few minutes later in Lola to the sound of pealing bells, her awaiting bridesmaids and welcoming vicar.

Lola and Lily awaiting the bride and groom at St Piran’s church on Saturday

Forty minutes or so after entering the church, a loud round of applause signified that Tim and Carly had become husband and wife. Shortly before the newlyweds emerged, some of Tim’s colleagues from the Royal Navy positioned themselves to give the couple a Naval Guard of Honour and could be seen practising their routine.

Mr. and Mrs. Greaves made their way through the arch of swords to be engulfed by a monsoon of confetti as they approached Lola. Chauffeur/Skipper/Wine-Waiter Bob decided not to break the bottle over Lola’s bow but to let the cork fly in a conventional manner and poured the champers.

Carly and Tim celebrate

By pre-arranged request, Mr. Bublé also stepped aboard Lola and Lily. His band played on as we slipped our moorings… skipper Steff with the cheeky, bubbly bridesmaids in Lily and skipper Bob piloting Carly and Tim in Lola.

The early morning sunshine had abated and the sky started to turn into a menacing grey hue, just like the shipping forecast had predicted. However, the conditions remained relatively calm for a photo call with photographer Ashley Hampson at Gyllyngvase beach, Falmouth.

A monsoon of confetti rains down!

Lola’s and Lily’s ragtops were rolled fully back for our western approaches to the Falmouth Hotel, Carly and Tim’s reception venue. Excited guests waved, clapped and jumped for joy as the flotilla sailed into the car park with bridesmaids, and a very happy couple standing throughout.

Mr. Bublé’s boys were still playing much to the delight of the bridesmaids who, upon disembarking Lily, went into a spontaneous jigging motion – for a few seconds Chauffeur Bob lost it and joined in as Chauffeur Steff looked on in amazement at his boss in action!

A fabulous welcoming ensued and lots of lovely comments from many members of the wedding party about the vehicles and the role they had played. Before departing, Paul, Carly’s dad, commented that the vehicles have been the talk of the day amongst guests!

We can’t wait to get a glimpse of the professional pics from Ashley Hampson Photography.



Bon voyage Carly and Tim; thank you for sharing your precious day with us and best wishes for your future happiness from all of us at Strawberry Leisure xx

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