Lily keeps her footing in High Hills!

Becky and Stephen’s wedding at Feock with Lily on Sunday 10th June 2012

Steady as you go boys, only another 100 feet to go!

To a modern day 4X4, access to the main entrance of St Feock Church on a wet day could be regarded as a challenging steep hill. To a post war designed split-screen campervan it looked more like a 100 foot high tarmac wall with a hairpin bend, but Lily made it (eventually). The groom was to exclaim later; “Lily did us proud today!”

The drizzle came yesterday at the very moment I turned Lily’s key and departed Strawberry Leisure HQ for Truro for the first of two runs to the church with the bridal party. The drizzle turned to heavy rain. Despite a somewhat dryer outlook by the Met Office for the day, it was something I was expecting given the form of the recent awful June weather, and again an early departure from HQ proved invaluable.

Despite the bad weather, Lily as ever managed to attract loads of attention on the trip to Truro and during her wipe down after arrival just a few hundred yards from ‘that industrious place’ where bridesmaids, bride and mum get ready.

Mum, Sally with bridesmaids, Vicky, Emily and Vicky departing for church yesterday

Lily’s first challenge of the day soon appeared on her radar, the mother of all speed bumps, castellated for good measure and no doubt sponsored by Kwik-Fit, on the threshold of the bride’s Cul-de-sac.

Gingerly, Lily navigated the obstacle without shedding weight. We pulled up outside. Neighbours and Guinea Pig, ‘Jo-Jo’, were already gathering to get a glimpse of Lily’s VIP’s.

Chauffeur Bob received a warm welcome and soon became acquainted with bride’s mum, Sally, bridesmaids, Emily, Vicky and Vicky (yes two Vicky’s). Becky descended the stairs in regal fashion with her ex-school friend, now professional photographer, Kate, who had travelled from Wiltshire to record the day.

Becky with dad, Chris departing for church yesterday in Lily

Surprisingly, everyone was ready. A somewhat alarming trend of late, which has the tendency to detract from the added pre-nuptial excitement, embodied in the well known ditty from ‘My Fair Lady’… please get me to the church on time!

The lovely ladies stepped aboard for the 20 minute trip to the church. We arrived at the prescribed roadside entrance welcomed by guests and videographers. A quick about turn and we made it back to Truro with military timing to collect Becky and her dad Chris. Quite a large gathering had assembled outside the house and with everyone waving, including Jo-Jo the Guinea Pig, we departed. Becky and Chris were really taken by Lily and the experience.

Lily in apprehensive mood, awaiting her departure from St Feock International!

A quick check with Becky and her dad as we made our final approach that I was using the correct entrance; the one used for the ladies a few moments earlier – a unanimous ‘affirmative’.

We gracefully came to a halt with not a person in sight. “They must be sheltering from the rain”, I said, and offered to go looking for Kate so she could get a snap of Becky and dad’s arrival in Lily.

Everyone was waiting elsewhere; another entrance a lot closer and less far for the bride to walk in the rain. “Just bring Lily round the back, as you can park nearer the entrance” I heard someone say. The ‘round the back’ trip turned out to be an incredibly steep, wet, moss covered narrow driveway punctuated midway with a hairpin bend. Lily made a safe landing. Becky and her dad walked the final few yards to the church entrance with chauffeur Bob carrying the bride’s train.

During the service I started to get a little apprehensive at what lay ahead for Lily, particularly at such a crucial time in the proceedings. The bride and groom’s official departure with everyone watching!

Umbrellas aloft, the happy newlyweds emerged from the church pausing briefly for a few pictures under the added shelter of trees. Lily, always a welcome sight, was surely even more so today with the driving rain. Becky and Stephen wasted no time in jumping aboard.Chauffeur and Wine Waiter Bob popped the lively cork and poured.

A few poses with the guys pretending to push Lily up the hill and it was time to depart for a St Michaels Hotel reception via Gyllyngvase beach.

Any apprehensions were unnecessary. Despite a couple of hesitations and a sense that everyone was holding their breath, Lily fired up. We got rolling, Chauffeur Bob pulled back on the steering column upon reaching ‘rotational velocity’ and Lily successfully made the steep climb out of St Feock International.

We had a lovely time travelling into Falmouth despite the rain which seemed to have followed us all day. “Don’t despair” I said, “it rained on our wedding day, and we’re still happily married after 22 years ”.  Becky and Stephen didn’t seem to mind at all and were clearly content savouring every moment with Lily and, of course, in-flight drinks. We had a quick stop, again with umbrellas aloft at Gyllynvase beach for a final few photos before a quick hop over the road to the St Michaels Hotel and awaiting guests, all frantically waving from a dry vantage point.

Just before we departed company, Stephen commented; “Lily did us proud today”.

Oh how we wish the weather could be just as reliable!

Many congratulations to Becky and Stephen xx.

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