Lily starts a gossip at the hairdressers!

Louise & Rob’s wedding at St Agnes Church, Wednesday 6th June 2012

Lily outside St Agnes Church today in sparkling form!

The Jubilee weekend rain thankfully held off today for Louise and Rob’s big day. Rain can sometime spoil important occasions and a nice hairdo, come to that. Not that a follically challenged Chauffeur Bob need worry!

Lily’s wedding activities did get under way today with a couple of trips to the hairdressers. Special arrangements had been made for Lily to collect the bride and her mum from Gossips Hair Salon in St Agnes, ahead of the ceremony.

Arriving on schedule at 11:30am, Louise was just about done, as was photographer Kirstin Prisk, who  clearly had a fun morning under the dryers (not sure about his hairdo though). With mum, Ann, still to go under the scissors, I thought I’d ask the lovely ladies brandishing shampoo and scissors, whether there was time to do anything with mine!

Outside, Lily was causing her usual masses of attention from passersby and ‘gossiping’ from inside the hairdressers!

We had a plan… take Louise back to the place that brides, bridesmaids and mums get ready and return to pick up Ann. This worked well, albeit putting the system under a bit of time pressure.

We arrived back at ‘that place’ after frustratingly getting caught behind just about every slow moving vehicle you’d find in a bumper edition of ‘I-Spy’! Kirstin was there already, lining the lovely bridesmaids up against the front garden wall for one of those special poses. I could see that Louise had already changed into her stunning wedding dress.

Mum rushed in for a quick (panic) change and before long we were ready to get going with Lily’s first run to the church with mum and bridesmaids. The bridesmaids climbed in but after a few minutes news dribbled- in that the guest coach was a little behind schedule with the second drop-off,  we had missed our take off slot. There was nothing for it but the girls to return to the terminal building and await further boarding instructions. The call eventually came and we set off for St Agnes Church some 15 minutes later than planned, arriving at the bride’s allotted time.

Bridesmaids, Michelle, Deborah, Amy, Bethan and Hannah with Louise today

Realising our right royal arrival did not include the bride, the vicar nervously enquired as to how far I had to go to collect the bride. “Goonbell” I retorted, “which should only be 15 minutes or so” – I kept my bumper edition of ‘I- Spy Every Vehicle On The Road’ out of sight to avoid a panic!

Louise with dad Nick preparing to leave for St Agnes Church today

All went well and within 15 minutes Chauffeur Bob pulled Lily, with Louise and her dad Nick, on board, to a halt outside the church amidst a tremendously warm reception and a somewhat relieved vicar.

Louise and Rob celebrate with Lily today outside St Agnes Church

Louise and Rob soaking up the atmosphere and champers courtesy Lily’s rare sunroof!

During the ceremony Lily must have been photographed more times than the royal family has over the past couple of days…she did look in sparkling form though!

50 minutes later, Mr and Mrs Jones strolled out into the bright sunshine, through an avenue of confetti and jumped aboard Lily. Her pricelessly rare ragtop was already rolled fully back and the happy couple wasted no time at all in standing up to wave to the large congregation of guests, onlookers and well-wishers.

Chauffeur Bob’s cork left the champers bottle in a civilised manner, almost to a NASA launch countdown and photographers Kirstin and Dave would have certainly captured it flying a moment in time approximately six inches from the bottle. The champers flowed, Kirstin’s assistant, Dave Bertie, jumped aboard and we set off for a photo shoot at a crowded Chapel Porth.

Kirstin and Dave marched Louise and Rob to the summit of the headland for what will undoubtedly result in some spectacular pictures! Hairdo’s now completely ruined, the intrepid explorers returned to Lily who again was corralled in admirers with Chauffeur Bob not having a single hair out of place!

We departed for Seiners Restaurant in Perranporth reception venue with the sun still shining and even more well-wishers and onlookers waving away.

What a lovely day everyone had had so far.

Before parting company with our lovely couple, Louise said that she didn’t want it to end. A sentiment we get to hear time and time again!

Congratulations and best wishes Louise and Rob xx


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