Threemendous weddings!

Saturday 16th June 2012

All of our girls were in action this Saturday entertaining three separate wedding parties across South West Cornwall. The hitherto eccentric June weather conspired and frustrated at times but a great time nonetheless was had by all.

First to leave Strawberry Leisure HQ was Chauffeur Steff at the controls of Lola for St Keverne, near Helston, closely followed by Chauffeur Alan in Lulu heading for Praze-an-Beeble. Both had midday ceremonies to attend to. A 3pm wedding at St Erth meant for me, Chauffeur Bob, it was a later start in Lily…


Lily the Pink!

Zoe and Sean’s wedding at St. Erth Church with Lily on Saturday 16th June

Zoe and Sean with Lily by a soggy Carbis Bay beach

Zoe and Sean had the day carefully planned out long before today. Importantly, it was to involve a trip after the ceremony to Marazion for photos with Lily against the spectacular backdrop of St Michaels Mount. Disappointingly, the ferocious South Westerly’s were to dictate otherwise. Another plan was hastily arranged which seemed water-tight at the time…

Lily looked fabulous dressed in Zoe’s chosen colours; pale pink and ivory. As an extra touch we added a pale pink Gerbera into Lily’s bud vase and dressed her ivory ribbons with curly pale pink tails.

Sean with best man Martin outside St Erth Church yesterday

Nearby Crowlas at the aptly named “Strawberry Fields” was our first pick up of the day. Here we met the groom, Sean and his brother and best man, Martin. They really marvelled at Lily and we spent quite a while chatting before setting off in good time for St Erth church. Lily’s pink Gerbera, matched to a tee. It didn’t go unnoticed. Attention to detail is everything as far as we are concerned, even down to the Cath Kidston bag, carried in Lily Lola and Lulu, each replete with wedding day essentials has been well appreciated and needed!

Bride’s mum, Liz with Zoe, bridesmaid, Cerys and Escort, Jamie yesterday

A few poses at the church and quick tidy of Lily’s bows and ribbons which the ferocious South Westerly’s looked to ruffle and it was time to make our way the short distance to Rose-an-Grouse to collect the bridal party.

Zoe’s mum, Liz, came to the door full of beans and a lovely ‘dry’ humour. I sensed we were in for a great deal of fun today, despite the June winter we have reluctantly become acquainted with.

A few introductions later and we all made our way to Lily with photographer Serena Pengelly.  The bridal party lined up leeward of the wind; mum, Liz, bride, Zoe, bridesmaid, Cerys and Zoe’s Escort nephew, Jamie, and Serena started clicking away as did Chauffeur Bob for this blog.

We had a lovely little sing song on the way to church to calm the nerves, clearly a developing fun wedding day trend. And why not!

Zoe, mum and Serina had serious concerns about the very strong winds and that it was looking like we would have to abort any idea of going to Marazion beach after the ceremony. Something I know that Zoe and Sean had their hearts set on. Just before arrival at the church we chatted about a plan B and it was left to Chauffeur Bob to come up with a revised, sheltered location.

Zoe and Sean, now Mr. and Mrs. Driscoll receiving congratulations at St Erth Church

Heavy rain showers driven in on the strong South Westerly’s arrived during the ceremony but fortunately eased with a few sun ‘glimpses’ to announce the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Driscoll.

We hastily rolled back Lily’s famously rare full-length sunroof (Ragtop in VW speak), ceremoniously popped the bubbly (sparkling Rosé on this occasion by special request) and managed to capture a few really special moments, including a right royal departure with bride and groom standing and waving before the weather turned in on us again literally a few hundred yards or so from the church.

Lily’s full length ragtop rolled back for Zoe and Sean

The solution I had come up with was ingenious; Carbis Bay beach, ideally sheltered from the prevailing winds. We made haste to Carbis Bay, with photographer Serena and her colleague, Simon following closely behind. The ingenuity of Chauffeur Bob was clearly working as the gusts were noticeably abating as we neared the beach. However, the Mumbai monsoon from Thursday returned with impeccable timing and thwarted any ideas of a beachside photo shoot. Instead we had to make do with a few snaps of the happy couple quaffing the Rosé in Lily.

Zoe and Sean with a very short (possibly shrunk in the rain) Chauffeur Bob

We made our way back to Connor Downs and the reception venue, Rosewarne Manor. Ironically as we neared Connor Downs we could see in the distance that a blue sky had returned to Carbis Bay. I offered to take Zoe and Sean back but they were clearly running out of time.

Again for the second time this week, I felt disappointed for a lovely couple, thwarted by the weather. I promised to take them to Marazion in Lily when and if the weather ever improves and I’ll even wear the same uniform. Zoe and Sean said they still had a wonderful, memorable day with Lily all the same. As we said goodbye I could see the illusive sun breaking through and really hoped that they would get a break in the weather for their reception.

On the way back to Strawberry leisure HQ it struck me that everyone seems to talk and moan about the weather but no one actually does anything about it! It’s time for Strawberry Leisure to take action… watch this space!

Congratulations Zoe and Sean and best wishes for your future happiness xx


Deep Purple Showgirl Lola

Lisa and Barry’s wedding at St Keverne Church, Helston with Lola on Saturday 16th June 2012

Lola in ivory and deep purple at Porthkerris yesterday for Lisa and Barry’s wedding

Lola looked her usual stunning self today for Lisa and Barry’s wedding. Dressed in deep purple and ivory ribbons and bows with those all important Strawberry Leisure touches; a purple Gerbera in Lola’s bud vase and curly purple tails added to her ivory bows. Chauffeur Steff took charge of Showgirl Lola and despite an interesting canine encounter en-route to collecting the bride and gusting winds, everything turned out just fine. Chauffeur Steff picks up the story…

I had a wonderful day with Lisa, Barry and Lola.

Arriving in the vicinity of Lisa’s collection address in plenty of time ready for the trip to the church, I thought it best to stop and ask for directions to be on the safe side, as often houses are hidden away in hamlets. Unable to get a phone signal, I flagged down a Landrover but they said they weren’t local. So, I decided to knock on a few doors but to my surprise nobody was in. It was at that point I saw a bungalow with a cute black Labrador pacing up and down. Approaching the gate and speaking to the dog, it wagged its tail with in a seemingly friendly gesture and it wasn’t long before I was stroking the dog and he/she was having a great time. The dog soon got bored and walked away. Thinking it would be a good idea to knock on the door of this property anticipating there would be someone at home, I entered the yard. Whereupon, the Labrador pinned me to the gate for what seemed a lifetime; must have mistaken me for the Postie! To my relief, the occupiers were in and obviously explained to the dog that I wasn’t the Postie. Fortunately, they knew where Lisa lived; quite literally a few feet away.

Note to Chauffeur Bob; must keep some juicy sausages in the chauffeur’s emergency kit in case of any further K9 encounters! I recall, this is the second we’ve had this year already.

Upon arrival, I gave Lola a final wipe down ready for the journey to the church and was greeted by a very proud father and some super excited bridesmaids and guests. Although it was blustery, the rain held off and from time to time the sun would peek out from the clouds to brighten up the day.

As we pulled around the corner into the square of St Keverne it dawned on me why I couldn’t get a reply from some of the houses that I’d knocked on… the square was full of onlookers. I’m guessing the whole community must have turned up to wish Lisa and Barry the best on their special day.

Having safely chauffeured Lisa to the church, I set about another customary inspection and wipe down of Lola, who was happily entertaining everyone with her loveable, showgirl character. After the ceremony, Lisa and Barry had a glass of champagne in the square and we headed off down some picturesque country lanes in pursuit of that perfect photo location. Lola behaved impeccably as we took on the all-terrain coastal path leading to Porthkerris beach. What a view! We ambled slowly down the twisting hillside and finally came to the beach. A few snaps on the beach and we were off to the reception; slowly edging back up the coastal path to the top of the headland to our final rendezvous with the guests in the marquee.

Lisa and Barry now Mr. & Mrs. Williams on Porthkerris Beach yesterday

Another very enjoyable day – best wishes to Lisa and Barry xx

St.Ives warms to radiant Lulu!

Kristina and Tim’s wedding at St. Ives Parish Church with Lulu on Saturday 16th June 2012

Kristina and Tim posing with Lulu at Porthgwidden Beach, St Ives, this Saturday

Chauffeur Alan climbed into the driver’s seat of his favourite bus yesterday and had the pleasure and privilege of looking after Kristina and Tim on their biggest day of their lives. What’s more, our lovely girls really do get a fantastic amount of attention in St. Ives, particularly when VIP’s are aboard. Yesterday proved to be no exception…

Report and picture from Chauffeur Alan.

A peek out of the window on waking and I was pleased to see a dry morning. A good start I thought, so fully suited and booted it was off to Strawberry Leisure HQ to meet Lulu. There she was, her usual shimmering self, fuelled-up and ready to go.

First stop Praze-an-Beeble to pick up Kristina and her father Geoff. It is always good practice to arrive ahead of schedule, as time seems to fly if you have problems finding addresses and of course an all important final check and wipe over of the vehicle. No issues finding the location on this occasion but did manage to collect some mud en-route. So, in good time I pulled up outside the gates, gave Lulu a once over and headed over to meet Kristina and Geoff.

I could see Kristina’s bridesmaids loading their bags into a people carrier they then disappeared for a few minutes. It wasn’t long however before the bridesmaids reappeared followed by a radiant Kristina, escorted by her dad, Geoff.

Photographer, James Green, asked if he could come with us and take more photos. Pleased to oblige, we aimed for the Parish Church in downtown St. Ives with James riding shotgun.

James jumped out as we neared the church (I stopped first!) so he could get ahead and photograph Lulu and the bride as we arrived. As we turned towards the Church, I could hear Kristina gasp; the road was filled with onlookers waiting to glimpse the bride.

Now outside the Church, Kristina and her father posed for more photos, before entering on cue to a spontaneous round of applause from the amassing crowd.

Whilst the ceremony was taking place, it is not uncommon to get swamped. Today was certainly no exception as many people were taking photos of Lulu and asking lots of questions.

Husband and wife emerged some 45 minutes or so later, to be greeted outside by the same congregation that had been patiently waiting since their arrival. The wedding entourage made their way around to the Church gardens for a formal set of pictures with the happy couple before returning to board Lulu.

Our next destination was Porthgwidden beach, a very photogenic, popular cove for newlyweds, where James did a mini photoshoot.

It was time to crack open the bubbly before our penultimate stop, Carbis Bay. Here, James did another series of fabulous poses with Kristina and Tim before finally departing for their reception at a lovely Marquee in Carleen, near Helston.

As we pulled up, Kristina and Tim were given a tremendous warm welcome by their guests who were cheering clapping and waving away. As Kristina and Tim headed in to carry on with their festivities, I could see the fun was about to carry on where Lulu’s left off!

We wish Kristina and Tim all the best in their married life xx

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