Lola and Lily Rule the Waves in Falmouth!

Kathryn and John’s wedding with Lola and Lily at Kenwyn Church, Truro, Friday 8th June 2012

Lily and Lola awaiting the bridal party in Truro this morning

“You must have the best jobs in world”, Kathryn conceded as Chauffeurs Bob and Steff enthusiastically joined in with the bridal party’s royal hand waving frenzy around Falmouth today.

What another fabulous day with our gorgeous, topless seductresses, Lola and Lily. I’m really running out of blogging superlatives to describe the attention, fun, excitement and endearing memories our VW campervan personalities must have brought to so many couples; not to mention their guests, onlookers, well wishers and us proud chauffeur guardians!

Today started with a marked improvement in the weather following Thursday’s monsoon. It was to remain dry and sunny, if a bit on the bracing side!

Lola and Lily, lovingly waxed, decorated and nourished, departed Strawberry Leisure HQ this morning to join a stream of eastbound A30 traffic. The numbers swelled, I suspect, by homeward bound holiday makers and those destined for The Royal Cornwall Show. Lola and Lily however, were about to put on a Royal Cornwall Show of their own!

Chauffeurs Bob and Steff pulled Lola and Lily to a halt in Truro on the dot to collect the bridal party.

Dad, Ray with Kathryn departing for Kenwyn Church in Lola

Surprisingly, everyone was ready and eager to jump aboard. Photographer, Ben, came out to take a few intimate snaps of our girls before Kathryn’s mum, Diane, and bridesmaids, Kate, Sarah, Jane and Sorella emerged to join Chauffeur Steff in Lily in true ‘hang on to your hats and fascinators’ weather.

No sooner had Chauffeur Steff set off for Kenwyn Church, Kathryn appeared with her dad, Ray,  and gracefully stepped inside Lola. Kathryn’s dress looked absolutely stunning, as did her bouquet.

Bridesmaids with Lola today at Kenwyn Church, Truro

As we made our final ceremonial approach, I, Chauffeur Bob, paused to roll back Lola’s famous ragtop and with the warm sunshine now illuminating her VIP’s, we arrived at the church entrance with military timing.

It was a lovely, emotional moment. Everything seemed perfect as Chauffeur Bob carried Kathryn’s train. Chauffeur Steff asked whether he could help with anything; “You could in turn lift and carry the tail of my jacket”, I retorted… Kathryn got the giggles!

A fun time in Lily today at Kenwyn Church, Truro 

Almost 30 minutes to the second later, the bells pealed and Mr. and Mrs. Booker made their way outside for photographs, whilst many of the congregation gathered and posed around Lola and Lily while others snapped away.

Kathryn and John celebrating in Lola today

The ceremony of the flying cork soon followed. As we only have two very special bride and groom glasses, their M.C., Andy, requested that guests depart for drinkies on the lawn at the reception.

We set off, Kathryn and John in Lola and bridesmaids in Lily, for St Michaels Hotel in Falmouth. From the rear view mirror, I could see Chauffeur Steff and his passengers were having a real hoot of a time, whilst equally the newlyweds were soaking up the atmosphere and champers!

A fun filled open top tour of Falmouth in Lily and Lola

I suggested that we make a quick detour down Falmouth High Street, which met with unanimous agreement. What followed was simply spectacular – everyone in both vehicles standing as we progressed. People were waving, clapping and cheering, even a bemused looking PC. You really would have had to be there to fully appreciate the reaction. Even photographer Ben, who was following in his car, admitted that he had never seen anything quite like it!

A penultimate stop at a bracing Pendennis Head for some final pictures, a quick phone call to M.C. Andy, and we made the final short trip to St Michael’s Hotel with everyone once again upstanding and waving.

A final photo call today at a ‘bracing’ Pendennis Head, Falmouth

Kathryn, John, Guests and Chauffeurs Bob and Steff undoubtedly had a simply wonderful day.

Our lovely couple will soon be exchanging their ‘Royal Wave’  for  a ‘Mexican Wave’ as they head off after their reception for their honeymoon.

Best wishes and congratulations to a lovely couple xx

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