Lola gets round in Par!

Leanne and Richard’s wedding at The Good Shephard, Par Green, with Lola on Saturday 9th June 2012

Lola left the Strawberry Leisure club house with her caddy and driver, Chauffeur Bob on Saturday morning. A straight drive up the fairway in bright sunlight was to turn rough as we hooked right at Chivy-Cross in the direction of Truro and St Austell beyond. The sky got darker and darker and the rains came but we still managed to get round in Par!

Mum Christine, Leanne and her escort, brother Russell with Molly and Megan leaving in Lola for church

My early morning Sundance (not a pretty sight) clearly lacked potency today. I had a feeling that we were going to be in for a mixed bag of weather. It was just as well that we teed off earlier than planned and arrived at Par a good hour ahead of schedule. I parked up a few yards from our collection address and gave Lola a good rub down. She soon sparkled again after our rather mucky journey. Cars were pulling up for a chat and photo and neighbourhood curtains started to twitch.

Leanne and Richard start celebrating in Lola with Molly and Megan

We made our way to ‘that place’ where the bride, bridesmaids and mum get ready. Chauffeur Bob tapped on the door and was greeted by Leanne’s mum Christine who explained that we have a very nervous bride! Leanne’s brother and escort, Russell, poured me a Vimto. The two lovely bridesmaids Molly and Megan got the excitement giggles as Chauffeur Bob offered some words of Wedding Day Wisdom and combined with Lola’s charm it appeared to be calming a few jangling nerves. “Your lovely, Chauffeur Bob” exclaimed Leanne…clearly the soporific effects of the ‘special Vimto’ being quaffed was taking effect!

We all jumped aboard Lola and had a fun run to the church, lengthened by a few minutes due to the ‘Lovely’ Chauffeur Bob, missing a left hand turn, nothing to do with the Vimto I was drinking, I hasten to add!

I paused just before arrival to roll back Lola’s famously rare rag-top whereupon it started raining, but we all smiled through it as we pulled to a halt outside the church; awaiting Vicar, bridesmaids and smartly attired photographer, James Hill from This Life Photography.

Mr. and Mrs. Bennett stepped out of the small chapel an hour later. Guests, totally mesmerised by Lola, gathered around snapping and videoing away like mad as the cork popped and the ‘Lovely’ Chauffeur Bob poured.

We departed. Lola was topless and music playing as we made our way for a couple of photo stops before a Carlyon Bay reception. No sooner had we set off, smartly attired photographer James flagged us down into a wooded area for a few pics. Our penultimate port of call was Charlestown. Leanne, Richard and smartly attired James made their way down to the beach whilst I kept watch on Lola and smartly attired James’s car. I can’t be sure how many photos James took on the beach but ‘Lovely’ Chauffeur Bob and Lola didn’t fair too bad either with passing tourists.

The final short trip to the Porth Avallen Hotel was quite emotional. The music was still playing as we arrived with bride and groom upstanding with Molly and Megan clearly loving every minute. A truly fabulous welcome by their guests at the ‘19th hole’ rounded off a memorable Par round.

We look forward to posting a few professionally taken pictures by smartly attired James.

Best wishes and congratulations to a lovely couple xx

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