TAKE 2 our unique fine weather guarantee!

Everyone seems to talk and moan about the weather but no one does anything about it… well, we just have!


A bad weather day can also be memorable and fun! (Photo Kirstin Prisk)

Come rain or shine we’ll make sure you capture those magical moments with our celebrities.

We obviously can’t guarantee that you’ll have great weather on your wedding day, despite Chauffeur Bob’s well rehearsed Sun Dance!

Thankfully, weather so bad preventing you from getting memorable photos with our flirtatiously photogenic girls is rare. However, should the great British weather turn in to the extent that you can’t get those all important intimate bride, groom, campervan poses, don’t despair!

Quite simply, whether it’s Lola, Lulu or Lily, we’ll make our girls available for a TAKE 2 photo session at a beauty spot in the vicinity of St Ives Bay or Mount’s Bay for a mutually convenient date, totally free of charge. What’s more, we’ll even throw in a uniformed chauffeur!

How’s that for commitment beyond the call of duty!


Another groundbreaking initiative from multi-award winning Strawberry Leisure … tireless in innovation – unrelenting on quality!

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