Watering Van Lola Sprinkles the day with memorable moments

Rachel and David’s wedding at Carbis Bay Hotel with Lola on Tuesday 12th June 2012

Lola helped sprinkle Rachel and David’s wedding day with fabulous memorable moments. Another incredibly fun-filled and pleasurable day from start to finish with so much to talk about  – The ‘Rachel Wedding Singers’, a photographer in a reflective mood and much more…

Best man Alex with David setting off for the ceremony in Lola

Yet another ominous looking June horizon welcomed me, Chauffeur Bob, as I climbed aboard our dazzlingly gorgeous Lola and set course for St Ives Bay Holiday Park. A mere hop, skip and a jump from our HQ to collect groom David, and his best man, Alex. The day before, I had my pre-wedding day briefing conversation with Rachel; as always, pedantically double checking the details. All was fine even down to the colours of ribbons and bows, champagne etc. Rachel made a special request for water to keep everyone well hydrated. This I found upIifting and, working on the theory that the bride had picked up on a pending tropical heat wave, I stocked Lola to the gunnels with bottles of water.

With well choreographed timing, David and Alex appeared, as did a stream of arriving/exiting visitors to the park, many pausing, smiling, asking questions about Lola and taking pictures. Within a few seconds a car came screaming to halt in true ‘flying-squad’ style. I was introduced to Tristan, photographer, train driver and friend of Rachel and David. A few snaps of the boys together with Lola’s famous ragtop fully rolled back and, replete with H2O, it was off to the wedding venue; Carbis Bay Hotel.

Rachel with ‘Wedding Singers’; dad Andy and bridesmaids; Elyse,Hayley and Mia

The ‘oh too familiar’ June rains didn’t disappoint and started to fall. Fortunately it was short lived and despite threatening at times, it was to remain dry and mostly sunny for the rest of the day.

I was soon returning to St Ives Bay Holiday Park. This time a different location…‘that place’ where the bridal party set about their prenuptial, industrious hair and make-up routines and fight for the bathroom. Everyone was ready. Rachel handed over a couple of specially burnt CD’s. Chauffeur Bob popped the appropriate CD on and escorted the bridal party, bride’s train in hand to Lola amidst shrieks of excitement and amazement. With a full complement of VIP’s (and water), we got underway. First track…we’re going to the chapel and we’re going to get ‘ma’ ‘a’ ‘aried’. Quite spontaneously, The ‘Rachel Wedding Singers’; Elyse, Hayley, Mia, dad Andy and Chauffeur Bob, started a sing-long that was to last right up and beyond stepping out of Lola some 20 minutes later.

Mr. and Mrs. Cox celebrate with Lola

There to greet us was; ‘shiny surface fanatic’ photographer and train driver, Tristan, Videographer, Joel Dove and the hotel’s lovely, bubbly Victoria Williams, who was also jigging away in time to the musical chorus as we came up the drive.

Mr. and Mrs. Cox along with wedding entourage returned to Lola some 50 minutes later proclaiming their union and loads of pictures followed. A promise by Chauffeur Bob to take the kids and older ‘kid’ guests for a spin when we got back managed to stem a few tears and tantrums.

Rachel and David with the lovely Lola at Godrevy

With bride and groom upstanding and quaffing champers, we were just about to make our regal departure for a Godrevy photo session, when bubbly Victoria emerged from the hotel carrying a large tray with glasses, and you guessed it, bottles of water!

Unbeknown to Tristan, Victoria then proceeded to make ‘funny wiggly finger ears’ behind Tristan’s head. I only hope this was to get the kids smiling for photos!

With our chances of dehydration non-existent, we made our way to Godrevy, our trip punctuated with a stop here and there for Tristan, who was riding shotgun, to get a few snaps. It was at this stage that Tristan’s shiny surface fetish started to materialise. Shop windows and their reflections became the subject of conversation as we navigated our way through Hayle. “May get more chance later” I piped up, when I realised where he was coming from.

A rather extensive photo shoot ensued at the spectacular cliff top setting of Godrevy. Plenty of people gathered to see what was going on and admire the ever flirtatious Lola. Whilst Tristan and Joel went mountaineering with the newlyweds, I stayed with Lola answering questions and handing out brochures that people were requesting. “Is it a real wedding or a fashion shoot?” was a question asked on at least three occasions. “The chauffeur’s modelling, but the bride and groom are real”, I answered.

Were you just doing ‘funny wiggly finger ears’ behind Tristan’s back Victoria?

Upon returning to Lola, Tristan’s shiny surface fetish finally came out of the closet, as he proceeded to snap just about every conceivable reflective picture of the happy couple. Wing mirrors, windows, reversing mirror and even Videographer Joel’s sunglasses… I kept my cap on as nothing was sacred!

The time was passing quickly such was the fun we were all having. The weather, albeit not quite a tropical heat wave, was steadily improving, making it all the more enjoyable. We needed to be getting back to the hotel as the time for speeches and wedding breakfast was rapidly approaching.

We waved goodbye to beautiful Godrevy and set sail for Carbis Bay, careful to avoid a large glass fronted building, otherwise I fear we would have never made the reception! A brief pause and my customary (and very professional) call to the hotel with a 5 minute ETA preceded our final approach, punctuated with a penultimate photo-stop going down to the awe inspiring Carbis Bay.

We made a grand entrance, Rachel and David once again upstanding throughout.

One last pose at Godrevy for Rachel and David

I kept my promise, as you always have to with children especially, and we did a quick lap of honour in Lola.



What a day and what a lovely couple. Congratulations and best wishes to you both xx

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