An X Factor Wedding in Show Girl Lola!

Saturday 14th July 2012

As I (Chauffeur Bob) along with my wife Kate, were busy putting the final touches to the Children’s Hospice South West Wedding Show we have been feverishly organising for Sunday 15th July, it was over to Chauffeur Steff to take charge of Show-Girl Lola for Frances and Aaron’s big day. By all accounts it would appear that Chauffeur Steff had been preparing in advance with some vocal exercises and a Loofah! He has just sent us this report…

Frances and Aaron’s wedding at St Agnes with Lola on Saturday 14th July 2012

Lola outside Driftwood Spars Hotel, St Agnes on Saturday

It was Saturday morning and for a change it was sunny. Chauffer Bob had already handed over the instructions for the day and emailed me the final changes the night before. The instructions on the booking form were very clear and the directions were precise.  We always check and double check the route as even the best directions can leave room for error; in this case the directions were spot on and as I pulled Lola up to the cottage I could hear singing.

Now I’m not a nervous guy by any accounts, but Chauffeur Bob (unknown to me) had promised Frances that I would sing along with them in the camper to the sounds of “Going to the Chapel”, the only problem is I can’t sing. Well ok, I’ve done a bit of shower singing, but after breaking so many mirrors with my terrible tones I’ve given it up. Still a promise is a promise, so I thought I would give it ago.

Frances and her bridesmaids, Kerry, Mel, Charlotte, Isabelle and Lucy, boarded Lola and we headed up the country lane towards St Agnes. Chauffer Bob had supplied a CD with the track “Going to the Chapel”, so I put that in and cranked up the volume. The girls all started to sing and the harmony was heaven on earth… that is until I joined in. Perhaps it was simply coincidental that the cattle in the field collapsed, flowers wilted and the birds dropped from the sky at the start of my solo… Oh well X Factor will have to wait for another year!

It was such a lovely day, that we rolled back the rag top and sang all the way to the ceremony, which incidentally was set a few yards from the beach.

Frances with Kerry, Mel, Charlotte, Isabelle, Lucy, William and Daniel on Saturday

On the way, we stopped off in St Agnes to greet some friends and do the customary drive by but time was pressing on so we made our way down to the quay where the rest of the wedding party was waiting, and they were! As we pulled around the final bend, the street was full of wedding guests cheering and clapping.

It was decided that we had time for one more photo line-up of Frances and her bridesmaids before going in.

Normally we would wipe down our vehicle ready for the bride and groom to make an appearance after they have married, but in this case Lola was still sparkling and had drawn a crowd of admirers. I got so carried away with answering questions the time simply flew by.

The singing stopped and the cheering started as Frances and Aaron appeared as man and wife! The guests poured out on to the street and Frances and Aaron climbed aboard Lola for champagne and some photos. Frances and Aaron re-joined the guests and I entertained some of the younger guests in Lola. William and Daniel both had a go at the driver’s seat and agreed with me that they are going to save their pocket money up and buy one very soon!

Frances and Aaron celebrating in Lola on Saturday

It was time for that post wedding circuit run… yes the customary rag top rolled back for some good old fashion cheering. At first the residents of St Agnes were confused by all the commotion as we chuffed through the narrow street cheering and waving but they soon got the idea. As we passed the local pub everyone stood up and cheered and clapped in celebration.

On our return to the reception we realised that we’d left out some of the younger guests who had really been looking forward to taking a trip in Lola… Never mind, we’ll do another round, and we did. But this time we had attracted even more residents and holiday makers clapping and joining in the fun!

What a great day it was.

Frances and Aaron will be honeymooning in romantic Tuscany –  our best wishes go with them x

PS. Just received this lovely email…

Hi Bob and Kate, Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the service you provided for our big day on Saturday. Lola was absolutely superb and everyone loved her. I think I’ve been upstaged by a van!!! Please say a massive thanks to Steff who was just brilliant. So professional and so patient amongst all the chaos and kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will sort out some photo’s and get them to you for your records. Lola stole the show and the sun shone. What a perfect day.  Thank you so much. Frances and Aaron x



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