Lily flowers in St Austell for Mel and Joe

Saturday 28th July 2012

Muses of Chauffeur Bob

I’m working on a new masterpiece of a publication entitled ‘A Chauffeurs Guide to Managing Naughty Bridesmaids’…

It has to be something to do with our fun loving, attention grabbing girls that whips many bridesmaids into a hive of hyperactivity and excitement. It’s as if a metamorphosis takes place the moment people step aboard. To be fair it’s not just bridesmaids; but ushers too, best men and couples themselves…and why not! If you can’t have fun on your wedding day, when can you?

It appears the formal, starchy type of affair is on its way out and being replaced with fun, outright enjoyment and unforgettable moments for the entire wedding entourage. Unarguably, our gorgeous, ice-cool girls have played a huge part in this transformation aided by a ‘showmanship’ type of approach through our chauffeurs’ personalities, whilst retaining a ‘twist’ of formality.

Mel and Joe’s wedding yesterday in St Austell was certainly no exception; fun, unforgettable moments and naughty bridesmaids. Indeed, it had all of these magical ingredients…

Mel and Joe’s wedding at Holy Trinity Church, St Austell, with Lily on Saturday 28th July 2012

It rained today near St Austell. How dare it, I thought as we chugged along in Lily to collect Mel and her bridal party for their grand jour!

Visions of the June Mumbai Monsoons came flooding back. I needn’t have worried as it soon passed and normality was restored. It was to remain perfect throughout the rest of the day.

24 hours earlier I called Mel, as is customary, just check and double check the arrangements. A rather replete entourage of bridesmaids, flower girl, ushers and page boys needed chauffeuring to the church before Mel and her escort, dad Rupert.

Bethany with Jack, JJ, Sam and Christian before departure on Saturday

Given a 3pm ceremony time, we agreed that 2pm for the first of three pick-ups made sense, and so it was at 2pm, I (Chauffeur Bob) pulled up outside Mel’s house. I could see some frantic waving from the front window and if I wasn’t mistaken, someone feverishly doing some ironing.

OK ladies say “REALLY?”

It’s common with a large entourage all getting ready at ‘that place’ that on a wedding day the industrious activity of hair, make-up, gowns, suits and fighting for the bathroom always adds a degree of stress, fractiousness and a sort of excitement!

Today therefore, was no different to most and the ironing on arrival was, on reflection, a pre-cursor to a little tension building and ensuing late departures!

Mel with her dad Rupert before departing for church on Saturday

I introduced myself amidst a hive of frenetic activity and offered some calming words of wisdom “don’t panic we have plenty of time and try not to get stressed”. It sort of worked too well, as some considerable time later I had managed to entice page boys; Jack and JJ, ushers; Sam and Christian and their guardian bridesmaid, Bethany, from the house and into Lily.

We set off on the first run some 30 minutes later than scheduled but quickly returned to collect bridesmaids; Sue, Tash, Dot and flower-girl, Peaches. Conscious that time was now pressing, Sue, Tash and Peaches were ready and waiting and wasted no time alighting. A quick check of my notes and I could see that we were one short… where’s Dot?

A quick dash back into the house followed “this is a final call for Dot” or words to that effect. Dot emerged, seemingly unimpressed with Chauffeur Bob’s humour, but it did the trick. Sue realised she had forgotten her bouquet, so I made another dash into the house and grabbed the bouquet from the table. Just enough time for a picture or two before setting off and I asked the girls for an alternative phrase to “say cheese or sausages”. Dot suggested “really” …

Mel and Joe with Tash looking on outside Holy Trinity Church, St Austell on Saturday

We had a bit of a sing song on the way to church as well as some cheeky, jovial banter which helped ease a few jangling nerves. I sensed Dot really did have a sense of humour, albeit dry.

Lily in Pine Lodge Gardens St Austell on Saturday

By some miracle I returned 20 minutes later with Mel and her dad, Rupert, to be greeted in regal fashion by the vicar, bridesmaids, flower girl, page boys, ushers, onlookers and the pealing of six church bells.

A lovely moment for Mel and Joe in Pine Lodge Gardens St Austell on Saturday

An hour later I could see the six campanologists readying themselves for the exit of the bride and groom. Mr. and Mrs. Robins duly obliged a few minutes later, stepping out into warm afternoon sunshine and the congratulations of their congregation.

Family friend, Roger Varney, was Mel and Joe’s acting photographer and managed to get the formal family shots away outside the church.

Mel and Joe arrive at their reception

Mel and Joe eventually made their way to Lily, jumped inside and stood for departure. The champers flowed. Photographer Roger appeared elated that he had managed to catch the cork flying out of the bottle… no mean feat I thought!

Rather ‘cheeky’ at times, bridesmaid Tash stepped in as the bride’s and chauffeur’s assistant and rode shotgun as we left for our penultimate destination; Pine Lodge Gardens.

Aided by the warmer later afternoon hue of the sun, Roger captured some lovely moments and poses in truly beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

Time for a final photo together on Saturday

Alas we departed for the nearby reception. Here we had some final pictures, said our goodbyes and finished with a few hugs and kisses.

I pointed Lily into the setting sun and made my way back to Strawberry Leisure HQ reflecting on a very busy but rewarding weekend.

Congratulations Mel and Joe x

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