Lola and Lily send bridal party through the roof in Truro!

Saturday 21st July 2012

Following the hugely successful Wedding Show we hosted last Sunday for the Children’s Hospice South West. It’s been full steam ahead as we prepare for another incredibly busy wedding period…

With Lola, Lily and Lulu in action this Saturday and Monday and throughout the week ahead, summer’s tardy arrival is a welcome bonus…

For the first time in as many weeks as I (Chauffeur Bob) can remember, we were looking at a dry Saturday. No ‘Amber’ or ‘Red’ flood warnings or police alerts; ‘don’t travel unless it’s absolutely necessary’. No need to pack a buoyancy aid and whistle to attract attention… just wall to wall sunshine. Our brides today really did come up trumps on the great British weather Lotto.

Just back from a 6 month ‘Tour du Monde’ Chauffeur Brett was first to depart Strawberry Leisure HQ in mega shiny Lulu on a short solar powered trip to St Ives for the wedding of Nicole and Graham. It was ‘chocks away’ an hour later for Chauffeur Steff and myself as we steered Lily and Lola respectively in the direction of Cornwall’s principality for the wedding of Kate and Edward…

Kate and Edward’s wedding at Devoran Church with Lola and Lily on Saturday 21st July 2012

Lily and Lola with Kate’s bridesmaids before departing for Devoran church on Saturday

Scintillating wedding weather at last and everyone really got the ‘hots’ for Lola and Lily today. So much so, the entire bridal party ‘blew their tops’ from Devoran to Truro…

The paparazzi were out in force within minutes of setting off in Lola and Lily this morning. A stop at the Shell filling station adjunct to West Cornwall Retail Park, had the entire forecourt reaching for their phone cameras and the day had barely got underway! I’m finding myself getting fairly adept at posing with petrol pump in hand muses Chauffeur Bob.

Chauffeurs die in hot cars! so replete with bottles of water I, (Chauffeur Bob) and Chauffeur Steff set off and chugged along the A30 with Lola and Lily, waving and posing all the way to our pick-up destination in Truro.

Well ahead of schedule we pulled to a stop outside Kate’s picturesque family home. Nicely tucked away in an idyllic rural Truro location, there was no mistaking we had found our destination. Blue and white flags as tall as they get, bunting, balloons galore, marquees, gazebo and a hanging hand-carved ‘E & K’ sign over the entrance.

Kate with bridesmaids Holly, Ellen and Hannah on Saturday

A wonderful air of anticipation and mounting excitement pervaded the senses, clearly heightened by the arrival of Lola and Lily and the balmy weather.

We were warmly greeted by Kate’s dad Mike and her mum, Carole and although we were still some time away from departure, everyone wasted no time in snapping those all important pre-nuptial pics with our unique cream and white duo.

Kate’s dad Steve with Kate and bridesmaids Ellen, Holly and Hannah on Saturday

Professional photographers on duty today were family friends, Nichola and Tom from Lemonade Pictures, based in Kent. Nichola explained that this was her first excursion to Cornwall. I could tell she was impressed.

Multi-faceted Chauffeur Steff lends photographer Nichola a helping hand

Kate’s Bridesmaids, Holly, Ellen and Hannah were first to appear, shortly followed by an incredibly relaxed looking bride. Various poses were struck and it was clear that Lola and Lily’s very rare full-length ragtops were going to remain rolled back throughout the day. There is just something about this wonderful feature that makes you want to stand up and wave, whether stationary or moving (chauffeur excepted!).

Chauffeur Steff kept himself busy fetching, carrying and holding chairs, benches, ladders, boxes, scaffolding etc. as Nichola set about getting that picture-perfect vantage point.

Time for a quick ‘shoes’ photo; Nichola indicated in a subtle manner that Chauffeur Bob’s shoes were offering no artistic benefit whatsoever to the pose. I did however get Kate to model our special ‘bridal beach wellies’ that we now carry on board.

We left for Devoran Church in convoy. Chauffeur Steff led the way in Lily with a full complement of bridesmaids whilst I, Chauffeur Bob, followed with photographer Nichola, Kate and her dad, Mike, in Lola.

Lots of attention, waving, smiles and excitement was to last throughout our slow 30 minute chug to church. I could see that the bridesmaids were having a real hoot in Lola as they kept turning and waving frantically, occasionally standing up. On cue, Nichola was doing the same in Lola and snapping away.

As we approached the church, Lily had deliberately gained a few minutes advantage and was already parked up, her precious cargo disembarked and awaiting Kate and her dad’s arrival.

Lola came to halt alongside the allotted, small gated entrance and after a short pause for composure and effect, Mike escorted Kate up the path and into the church.

Chauffeur Bob checks with Ed & Kate that he has the right champagne order

An over lively cork takes everyone by surprise… not that you can tell!

Considering Devoran is a relatively small, quiet village, it seemed like people came out of nowhere whilst the ceremony was taking place, all totally transfixed by the allure of our two flirtatious girls. We were handing brochures out left, right and centre.

Approximately 55 minutes later, Mr. and Mrs. Richards stepped out into the radiant sunshine to be greeted and congratulated by their guests.

They eventually made their way with bridesmaids to Lola and Lily who were already starting to make a huge impression on the unsuspecting congregation.

More poses, sitting and standing was a pre-cursor to a rather unceremonious opening of the champers. It appears we do have a particularly ferocious batch of our specially labelled bubbly as, no sooner as you release the safety catch the cork goes into orbit. Well, that’s my excuse anyway and it certainly brought the house down!

Kate and Edward liked the idea of an open top tour of Truro town centre before heading back to her family’s home, awaiting marquee, flags and guests.

Congratulations Kate and Edward!

Again in convoy we set off in Lola and Lily, but this time Lola leading the way. Now overflowing with excitement and happiness; the occasion, music, sun and campers got to everyone in both vehicles. It was standing room only for most of the trip to and around Truro.  Amazed onlookers waved, clapped and cheered as we chugged along. I could see that Kate and Edward were clearly moved by it all and suspect no one wanted it end.

Going through Truro on Saturday (photo courtesy Lemonade Pictures)

Alas, we did have to call an end to the royal procession and make our way to the reception back at the family’s HQ.

We were greeted with a reception of festival proportions upon arrival and had time for a few final photos before saying our goodbyes.

A fabulous wedding, great weather and lovely people, what more could you ask.

Congratulations and best wishes to Kate and Edward x.

26th July 2012 and just received this lovely email from Kate and Ed…

Hi guys,
Thanks so much for making our day so special! There were so many highlights during the day but driving to and from the church was one of the things I look back on and smile. The drivers were brilliant fun and the impact of the vans on the guests was amazing.
We were so lucky with the weather and I hope that all your future events and weddings have as much fun as we did.
Good luck at the wedding awards- you’ve got our vote!
Love Kate & Ed x

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