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Wednesday 25th July 2012

Lola’s sibling, Lulu, paid her first visit to Cornwall’s newly opened Heartlands on Monday for the wedding of Cheryl and Ross (see wedding blog dated 23rd July) and certainly got noticed. Not one for being left out, today was going to be Lola’s turn to bring some extra ‘pazzaz’ to this impressive urban transformation.

Moreover, Lola was going to spring a surprise of a lifetime on an unsuspecting bride. So much so, what unfolded next was a most moving and beautiful ocassion. Chauffeur Bob picks-up the story…

Helen and Colin’s wedding at Heartlands, Pool, Redruth, with Lola on Wednesday 25th July 2012 


Lola outside Heartlands Registry Office on Wednesday

I, (Chauffeur Bob), took Lola to Pool/Redruth this morning on a mission so secret, Bletchley Park would have had difficulty in deciphering it!

Now, I know I’m an old romantic, but seriously, ‘beautiful’, is the only adjective I can think of to describe the privilege of chauffeuring Lola today for the small and intimate wedding of Helen and Colin at Heartlands.

Helen with Jess and Josh before departure, clearly in Love with Lola

Colin had managed to keep Lola’s involvement in the proceedings a total surprise for his lovely fiancé Helen. The moment of realisation came at 10.35am; five minutes exactly after a fully suited and booted Chauffeur Bob pulled Lola to a halt outside the allotted pick-up address. Suffice it to say, the tears of excitement and joy will be something that I’ll never forget and, I am indeed, proud to have been part of it. The most rewarding and enjoyable job anyone could wish for!

Arriving at Heartlands… everyone say ‘pier jumping’!

Everyone was there, Helen’s daughter, Jess and her son, Josh, a budding photographer. Colin’s daughter, Melissa and partner Ryan, plus groom Colin, who was shortly to make his own way to Heartlands, a mere stone’s throw away, with Melissa and Ryan.

Lola certainly caused a stir at Heartlands on Wednesday… you can see why!

We needed a bit of time for composure before setting off and chilled with some lovely snaps of family, friends and Lola, of course.

Helen, Jess and  Josh jumped aboard and fell in love. They were absolutely thrilled to pieces with everthing and I could see we were going to be in for a truly wonderful day. Lola, the music, the weather, the atmosphere… everything was sublime!

Celebration time for Mr. and Mrs. Emeney

Lola’s VIP’s immediately took full advantage of her now legendary, rare, full-length ‘ragtop’ by standing up and were to remain standing throughout the short trip to Heartlands, waving and cheering at everyone and anyone. Their excitement and enthusiasm was certainly reciprocated!

We’re off to St Ives!

The weather was magnificent by any measure. What’s more, we were heading for the hottest part of the day… what a difference a week or two makes!

As with Chauffeur Brett and Lulu, just 48 hours earlier, Lola was allowed through the main large gated entrance, into the square and to park-up directly outside the Registry Office. A number of onlookers had gathered with our arrival to greet the bridal party, along with the friendly Registry Office staff. A very warm welcome indeed, in more ways than one!

Lola looked absolutely resplendent in the dazzling sunshine and, as ever, received oodles of attention whilst waiting for Mr. and Mrs. Emeney to emerge. In fact, she caused quite a stir and I found my cheeks aching through literally dozens of smiling poses.

St Ives here we come!

With the sun now directly overhead, the happy newly weds seemed to explode out of the registry office door with excitement. More photos were taken in the adjacent manicured gardens of Heartlands before returning to Lola for champers and a standing, waving, cheering and dancing departure. As it turned out, the standing, waving cheering and dancing continued all the way into our first stop off in St Ives!

A lovely family moment in St Ives with Lola on Wednesday

We’re off to Porthgwidden beach

The best job in the world!

The reaction from a packed St Ives really took the party by complete surprise and was, as always, amazing and moving. We stopped by the Harbour slip-way opposite the Sloop Inn for a few moments before moving around to Porthgwidden. Here, a little paddle ensued along with some photos and more lovely moments.

Time to reflect on our way to the reception!

Alas, it was time to make tracks to the reception venue “The Anchorage” in deepest downtown, Bunkers Hill, St Ives. Colin telephoned the venue to say we’re on our way back and we all savoured the last of so many unforgettable moments with Lola.

Best wishes and congratulations to Helen and Colin x

Wednesday 1st August 2012 and a lovely email has just arrived from Helen and Colin

Dear Bob & Kate,

Thank you so much for the pics from our wedding and for the blog on your site!! Were you a journalist in a previous life, Bob!  It was really well-written and so enjoyable to read! Colin and I had an absolutely fantastic day on the 25th and the sun shined on us too – but it was made even more special by the lovely LOLA!!  Wow what a vehicle and what a lovely, lovely surprise!  I was stunned to see her sitting there on Mick’s drive on the morning of our wedding – I knew that Colin had done something but nothing like Lola!  She is beautiful and made our day perfect – we really felt like celebrities with everyone cheering and congratulating us.  It’s a day that neither of us will ever forget   Your attention to detail was outstanding (right down to the mints and wellies!) and you were the perfect chauffeur, Bob.  So thank you so very much for making a very special day even more memorable for Colin and I.  I think that Jessica might just choose to do the same so if she does, we will be in touch!
All the very best to you all and happy motoring – just keep the VW Campervan flag flying high down there in Cornwall.
With love Helen and Colin Emeney



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