Standing room only from Godrevy to St Ives!

Friday 27th July 2012

The third outing in a week together for our rare open top celebrity duo, Lola and Lily. Today was the turn of Kelly and Kurt to sample the euphoric affect these vehicles have on guests, passersby, onlookers and other motorists! I am however, writes Chauffeur Bob, concerned that Lola and Lily have been together so much this week that Lola is going to feel left out when I take Lily on a St Austell wedding trip tomorrow… but today belonged to Kelly and Kurt!

Kelly and Kurt’s wedding at Gwithian Church with Lola and Lily on Friday 27th July 2012      

Lola and Lily outside Gwithian Church on Friday

Although the high temperatures of late had abated slightly for today’s wedding, the weather was to remain perfect throughout. A 2pm ceremony time enabled a more leisurely midday departure from Strawberry Leisure HQ.

So with Chauffeur Steff working the pedals of Lily and myself (Chauffeur Bob), Lola’s, we set off for Kelly’s pick-up Camborne address pausing for fuel along the way. Just as well we had allowed plenty of time; the forecourt resembled a peak summer St Ives car park and, as always, loads of attention, and smiling for the ubiquitous phone camera ensued.

We arrived at 2pm on the dot as planned, a good 30 minutes before we needed to depart. Surprisingly, given the size of the bridal party, ‘that industrious place’ where everyone feverishly gets ready and fights for the bathroom seemed unnervingly calm! Indeed everyone was ready, all nine of them; bride Kelly and her mum Sharon, Kelly’s granddad David and bridesmaids Tracy, Paige, Millie, Madison, Abigail and Daisy.

Bridesmaids; Tracy, Paige, Millie, Madison, Abigail and Daisy with Lily on Friday

We all hit it off from the outset. A great, ‘cheeky’ sense of humour was clearly in abundance, with Kelly’s mum and ‘agent provocateur’, Sharon, leading the charge.

Kelly’s mum Sharon in Lily before departure to Gwithian Church on Friday

We posed for a number of ‘before setting off’ photos in and around Lola and Lily. Kelly needed to check a rather large travel bag of the extendable handle and squeaky wheel type all the way through to the reception hotel. A few security checks soon established that Kelly had packed the bag herself and that it didn’t contain anything likely to be of danger to chauffeurs or fellow passengers. Time flies when you’re having fun, and it didn’t seem long before we were under way for Gwithian Church.

Kelly with her granddad David before setting off on Friday

With ragtops rolled fully back in the glorious sunshine, Chauffeur Steff led the convoy in Lily with bridesmaids and mum Sharon riding shotgun. I followed in Lola with Kelly and her granddad, David.

We drove a slow steady pace and I could see that the Girls in Lily (and Chauffeur Steff) were enjoying every moment. They literally waved, jigged to the music and smiled all the way. The journey was timed to perfection and we arrived at Gwithian Church just a few minutes past the allotted ceremony time of 2pm. Kelly and her granddad remained very relaxed and composed throughout and, as instructed, paused for the customary ‘just arrived’ photo before gracefully stepping out of Lola.

It was about this time that a nearby crunching, glass breaking sort of noise reverberated. An unmistakable sound that many of us would at sometime over the years have had the misfortune of hearing!

Time to celebrate with Kelly and Kurt (Mr. and Mrs. Rutherford)

Phew, thankfully, Lola and Lily remained intact. Misfortune struck for someone though, as it appeared that a bag containing something very crunchable had been run over a few times during a car parking manoeuvre. We suspect it may have been the driver’s own bag and didn’t hold out a lot of hope for their iPad! We were thankful also that Kelly’s security cleared bag remained intact and was still safely tucked away in Lily’s hold.

Beckoned on by the vicar, the bridal party made their way towards and eventually into, the church.

Parking and space is certainly at a premium outside this picturesque village church, but Lola and Lily were still frequented with passing admirers.

50 minutes later the now Mrs. Rutherford appeared arm in arm with hubby Kurt. Photographer, John, orchestrated a monsoon of confetti and everyone snapped away.

Anyone for some heart shaped champagne froth?  

Bruno Mars ‘Marry You’ was playing on Lola’s sound system, combining to create a most wonderful happy atmosphere. Nearly everyone was singing and jigging away!

Chauffeur Bob lined up the champers, popped the lively cork, poured and toasted the happy couple.

The girls couldn’t wait to get back on board Lily for a planned photo call trip in convoy to nearby Godrevy.

So it was that Lola, her VIP’s on board, slowly but ceremoniously led the regal departure. Everyone in Lola and Lily were standing, waving and cheering. The friendly staff at Godrevy’s National Trust car park waved us through with enthusiasm and we made our way around unarguably one of the finest vistas you’ll find anywhere in the world overlooking the Bay of St Ives!

Kelly and Kurt at Godrevy with Lola on Friday

Time seemed to be flying by, so no time was lost by the couple’s photographer as we wrestled with the passing traffic, on-lookers and well wishers in capturing a few precious moments in idyllic conditions.

We chugged away from beautiful Godrevy, through Hayle, Lelant and upwards onto Carbis Bay. We paused here for a few moments and I made a courtesy call to the St Ives Harbour Hotel to let them know we’ll be back in five.

A few minutes later the exuberant bridal party, who had all remained standing, waving and cheering throughout the journey, pulled to a halt outside the hotel.

As we said our goodbyes amidst a few handshakes, hugs and kisses, I sensed they were in for quite an evening… what’s more, I had a suspicion that a certain lady in pink would ensure it was going to be livelier than ever!

Congratulations to a lovely couple x

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