Sublime Monday weddings for all of our girls

Monday 23rd July 2012

With all three of our girls in action again less than 48 hours since Saturday’s exploits, Sunday roast came in the form of heat stroke as Kate and I (Chauffeur Bob), set about preparing Lola, Lily and Lulu for today’s weddings.

Like Saturday’s sorties, Lola and Lily with Chauffeurs Bob and Steff, were again in action together whilst Lulu, with our intrepid, ‘Tour du Monde’ Chauffeur Brett in attendance, was out on her lonesome…

Jennifer and Dominic’s wedding at Tregenna Castle with Lola and Lily on Monday 23rd July 2012    

Bridesmaids, Emma, Pippa, Stephanie, Charlotte, Amy, Angel & Courtney on Monday with Lily

Another scorcher of a day and another scorcher of a wedding… absolutely sublime in every respect!

“Spectacular” – “unforgettable” – “amazing” Just a few of the superlatives lavished on Lola and Lily as the girls put on a jaw-dropping display around St Ives to help give Jenni, Dominic and guests a day they are unlikely to forget. Chauffeurs Steff and Bob too, come to that!

For a few minutes today St Ives came to a standstill!

If you were a guest, passerby or onlooker, you would immediately understand how these incredibly rare, ‘must-have’ ragtop splitties have added pazzaz, class and coolness to wedding matters… they are, indeed, much, much more than just transport.

I (Chauffeur Bob) along with Chauffeur Steff jumped aboard Lola and Lily respectively this morning for the short hop, chug and wave to Carbis Bay in glorious ‘summer at last’ sunshine.

Ahead of schedule we arrived at our destination; a beautiful seaward property with a vista to die for.

Jenni with dad, Steve on Monday prior to departing for Tregenna Castle

Plenty of wedding-day activity was taking place with suitably attired people coming and going including the postman! The excitement that was evidently building was raised to fever pitch as Lola and Lily quickly made their presence felt.

Jenni had purposely secured our two girls well over a year in advance, clearly in anticipation of a pre nuptial bridal escort numbering a baker’s dozen!

All 13 were ready when we arrived, resplendent in Jenni’s bold yet beautiful pink and orange colour theme. Time for a quick chat with Jenni’s dad, Steve, mum Michelle and to get acquainted with the excited party. We sensed the bridesmaids were going to be a bit on the naughty side… in a nice sort of way that is!

Professional photographer Peter Puddiphatt and Videographer Ben Foster concluded their ‘bride getting ready’ sequences and made haste for nearby Tregenna Castle.

The bridal party make their way to Tregenna Castle’s picturesque pavilion

With the bridal party equally (ish) divided between the two vehicles and with Jenni and her dad in Lola, we eventually after a couple of false starts (hunt for the missing that wasn’t really missing bouquet), got underway.

We arrived at the spectacular Tregenna Castle a few minutes later. As with all Civil Ceremonies, there are some serious matters to attend to first with the Registrar. Or at least I always assume they are serious as Registrars always look serious!

So to avoid being seen by their awaiting guests, we did a cunning little diversion around the hotel’s one way system to arrive at a ‘secret squirrel’ rear entrance. A place that only brides, chauffeurs and registrars can ever know about.

With the serious stuff done and dusted Jenni and her dad returned to Lola and retracing our tracks, this time going the right way round the one way system, we made a right royal arrival at the hotel’s main entrance passing the now seated and waving guests  circling the castle’s pavilion.

Camper champers flows for Jenni and Dominic to start the celebrations!

There to greet us was the castle’s wedding coordinator Alex along with photographer Peter and video man Ben.

A brief pause for composure, a few valuable instructions from Alex and on cue the bridal procession majestically made their way down the steps towards the pavilion and awaiting congregation.

During the ceremony, we had chance for a quick chat with Alex and discussed Jenni and Dominic’s plans to go with the bridesmaids after the ceremony into downtown St Ives and Smeartons Pier for photos. Alex mentioned how nice it all ties in with their lobster pot/seaside theme and gave us a quick glimpse of the fabulous themed table arrangements that await the formal celebration.

30 minutes or so later husband and wife with wedding party in tow made their way back to enjoy a few drinkies and nibbles on the lawn opposite the main entrance. Time for us chauffeurs to spring into action again as we handed out a dozen pink Hawaiian Leis to the bride, groom and bridesmaids… a lovely touch and very effective given the balmy weather and pending open top ‘Tour de St Ives’ in campervans Lola and Lily.

Jenni and Dominic jumped aboard Lola and Chauffeur Bob did his champers routine to the whirring of shutters. Husband and wife sipped, posed, soaked up the atmosphere (and champers) and invited what seemed more than a bakers dozen to join them in Lola and Lily for the 14:30 departure for Smeartons Pier.

The procession going at walking pace through St Ives on Monday

What happened next was simply spectacular and for everyone involved truly unforgettable. We made our way down through St Ives with everyone in Lola and Lily standing, waving and dancing. Following our visit to the pier and a few pictures on the harbour beach, we made our way back to the castle via Fore Street.

The reaction by passersby and onlookers was amazing. St Ives literally came to a standstill for a few minutes today… it was as if the whole town was joining in the celebrations.

 The wedding party stops at Smeartons Pier for photos with Lola and Lily

A quick ‘we’re on our way back’ courtesy call to Tregenna Castle and it was time for everybody to stand again for a right royal arrival.

Before saying our goodbyes, Jenni, Dominic and just about everybody else come to that, came over to express their thanks for a fabulous, unforgettable time. We could see that Jenni’s mum, Michelle and her dad, Steve, felt a little left out so, when we offered them a special excursion in Lily, they jumped at the chance.

Chauffeur Steff donned his cap and with horn parping away, disappeared with his happy VIP’s for an impromptu joy ride.

Congratulations and best wishes Jenni and Dominic x


Cheryl and Ross’s wedding at Heartlands, Redruth with Lulu on Monday 23rd July 2012

Lulu attired in Cheryl’s baby blue choice of ribbons awaiting the arrival of Chauffeur Brett with siblings Lola and Lily looking on

Chauffeur Brett collected our super shiny, radiant red, Lulu from Strawberry Leisure HQ on schedule and made the short trip to Lelant Downs to collect bride Cheryl and her Dad, Bill.  In discussing the finer details with Cheryl a day or two beforehand, it was clear that Cheryl wanted to keep Lulu as a surprise for her guests for after the ceremony.  Many of Cheryl’s guests were staying at the same location and Brett had therefore been briefed not to appear until the guest coach had departed.

Cheryl with dad, Bill and Lulu before leaving for the ceremony on Monday

All went according to plan with Chauffeur Brett soon becoming acquainted with his first VIP’s for the day; gorgeous bride Cheryl and her dad, Bill. Time for a few poses before departure and it was off to the recently opened, impressive Heartlands at Pool, Redruth, for the ceremony.

Let’s get going!

Although not strictly as Heartlands intended, we were allowed to drive Lulu through the main gates, into the square and park directly outside the registry office doors for Cheryl and Bill to be greeted by the friendly and enthusiastic staff.

Arrival at Heartlands

Super shiny Lulu basking in the Cornish sun at Heartlands on Monday

The sky was to remain cloudless all day and by the time Mr. and Mrs. Brall emerged some thirty-five minutes or so later, temperatures were reaching a midday peak. It was time to get the ice cold champers from Lulu’s on-board refrigerator and get celebrations under way. But first, the wedding party took a stroll in the lovely gardens that surround Heartlands to capture a few more intimate pictures.

Congratulations Cheryl and Ross

Unfortunately the photographer had departed en-route for the reception to get ahead of the party, but luckily Chauffeur Brett was on hand with his trusty camera to capture the congratulatory quaffing! Although incredibly enticing on such a hot day, the champagne today was the preserve of Lulu’s two VIP’s. And besides, we only had two glasses!

Chauffeur Brett plotted his course to the reception venue via the scenic coastal route. This was very much appreciated by Cheryl and Ross who borrowed the camera to get a few of their own special snaps along the way.

Arriving at West Cornwall Golf Club in Lelant, the guests welcomed the bride and groom in. Another great backdrop for another round of photos with Lulu got underway under clear blue sky’s.

Shortly after that we took the bride and groom, official photographer and father of the bride, Bill, the short distance to St. Uny church where they took a walk to Porth Kidney beach for further photos. We then returned back to the golf club for one final round of photos with the happy couple and Lulu and the guests certainly enjoyed seeing her by taking turns in the front seats whilst posing for photos.

Lulu was waved off by the happy couple before returning back to Strawberry Leisure HQ.

Best wishes and congratulations to a lovely couple x.

Hi Bob,Kate & Lulu
We would like to thank you for making our wedding day on 23rd July so perfect!
A big thank you to Lulu who was looking amazing, and also to Brett who was fantastic. He drove us past some beautiful coastal scenery that we have never seen before. He made us feel so relaxed, he was brilliant. Everybody loved Lula and everyone queued to get inside for a photograph!! It’s something we’ll never forget and she looks fantastic in our pictures. It made it extra special knowing Lulu worked at the airport for many years as we both work at the airport too!
You were lovely to speak to Bob, you were very helpful when i was panicing when i’d arranged the wrong time for the coach pick up, but everything went perfect thanks to you.The blog was wonderful and it made me smile, what a great idea!! If possible we would love the photo of  Lulu with the mine in the background, it’s stunning. If you let us know how to go about getting this we would be very grateful.
We had a fantastic time in Cornwall and a fantastic Wedding day!!
Thank you so much
Mr&Mrs Brall
Cheryl & Ross xxxx

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