Awash with happiness in Lily!

Lauren and Colin’s wedding at St Johns the Baptist Church, Camborne, with Lily on Friday 24th August 2012

Lily outside St Johns the Baptist Church, Camborne

Lauren and Colin would have no doubt swapped today’s now ‘oh too familiar’ summer weather onslaught for some sunshine. As things turned out, they didn’t need it! Instead, they brought their own inimitable brand of sunshine and warmth…

Today was always going to be a wet one. Or at least, that’s what the forecast had been telling us for the past few days. It didn’t disappoint, reports Chauffeur Bob!

Despite a ceremony time of 11:00am, I left Strawberry Leisure HQ in Lily at about 9:30 this morning for my relatively short trip to Redruth. The rain was unrelenting and although Lily had received her pre-nuptial spa treatment the day before, it was clear that she would need some serious further attention before collecting the bride, courtesy of the worst British summer in living memory. A good 28 years as far as I’m concerned!

It’s not easy cleaning a vehicle in the pouring rain, umbrella in one hand, leather and towelling in the other. But this tremendous feat of multi tasking is what I managed, just around the corner from ‘That Place’.

Smiling through the rain – Lauren with mum, Caroline, Bridesmaides, Sam and Michelle and Flower Girl, Mia

I knocked the door to announce my arrival and state of readiness. ‘That Place’, where the bridal party go about their industrious duties on a wedding morning was remarkably relaxed… a sense of calm with a twist of brewing excitement.

Becky was smiling from ear to ear whilst having the final touches applied to her hair. Her Mum, Caroline, along with Bridesmaids, Sam, Michelle and Flower Girl, Mia were ready to go.

“It’ll stop soon”, said the eternally optimistic Chauffeur Bob. A pessimist is simply a well informed optimist, as the saying goes. I chose not to look at the forecast this morning, if only to justify my optimism.

It didn’t matter though, as everyone did their best to ignore the rain and just enjoy the occasion.

With the rain lashing down and umbrellas at the ready, I escorted Mia and Sam to Lily and popped on some music.

Becky, her mum and Michelle, followed shortly afterwards and I managed to get a few ‘just about to depart’ pictures whilst juggling with Lily’s doors, umbrellas and my Box Brownie!

Already a little behind with our departure schedule, Michelle put her hand up and announced that she needed to quickly pop back into the house – she was excused.

The trip to St John’s the Baptist Church in Camborne was certainly wet but upbeat. We had a little singalong and despite that it was virtually impossible for people to see in and Lily’s VIP’s to see out, we all still managed a few waves and blasts on her Claxon.

Under normal conditions the trip should have taken about 20 minutes, but today’s was more like 30, not helped by an inconsiderate train negotiating the level crossing just yards before you get to the church.

I had mentioned to the girls that we will have to drive past the church, turn round and come back down the hill so that the passenger doors are on the right side.

As we were the only ones privy to such knowledge, the expression of the awaiting vicar would have been worth capturing as we sailed straight past with another cheeky blast from Lily’s Claxon.

Everyone got the giggles over this as we did our about turn and made our final approach followed by a rather hurried disembarkation and dash amidst an army of umbrellas into the church.

Lauren’s Dad, Paul, was waiting at the entrance with a relieved looking Vicar and following a brief pause for composure the bridal party made their regal procession down the aisle, the main doors being closed swiftly behind them to keep the driving rain at bay.

Forty minutes later and rain unyielding, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard appeared. Again despite the truly awful weather, smiles and sheer happiness shone through.

Lauren and Colin’s photographer for the day was Aaron Nappin, and really had his work cut out in nearly underwater conditions.

Colin and Lauren celebrate with their own brand of sunshine!

We managed to get the champers popped and poured. The newlyweds sat, sipped, waved and thanked their congregation as they filed past using whatever they could find to cover themselves as they did so.

We had planned to go the beach for some lovely topless poses with Lily. Clearly this was going to be out of the question today. I did promise however, that we’ll get back together soon for a ‘Take2’ photo session with Lily and I’ll even don my full uniform – Lauren and Colin were very appreciative.

A fun time was had by all!

We sat, chatted and laughed in Lily for a while before finally departing for the reception and awaiting guests at the nearby Penventon Hotel.

A quick phone call ensued to inform of our imminent arrival. Our wonderfully happy couple received a fabulously warm welcome and monsoon of confetti immediately they stepped out of Lily.

A few hugs and kisses followed and Lily’s involvement, for today anyway, came to an end.

Ironically, the rain had started to ease as I neared Strawberry Leisure HQ.

Lauren and Colin’s sheer happiness and humour shone through today. They were not going to let a little bit of rain spoil their day… and why not!

See you soon Mr. and Mrs. Leonard for a Take2.

Best wishes to a wonderfully happy couple x

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