Lily and Lulu take castle by surprise as Gatekeeper gives bridal party the slip!

Saturday 4th August 2012

All three of our gorgeous girls were performing today. Whilst Chauffeur Bob headed to Newquay in Lola for Renata and Paul’s wedding, Chauffeurs Steff and Alan took custody of Lulu and Lily  respectively. Their ultimate destination being Pendennis Castle, Falmouth.

Chauffeur Steff has just posted this report…

Victoria and Philip’s wedding at Pendennis Castle with Lily and Lulu on Saturday 4th August 2012

Lily and Lulu awaiting the bridal party at Lanner on Saturday

Not all weddings happen in the morning and todays’ wedding was no exception.

It was 13:45 by the time that I set off for Strawberry Leisure’s HQ. I picked up Chauffeur Alan en- route and we discussed the details of the day one last time.

As we boarded Lily and Lulu and headed east, I couldn’t help noticing the dark clouds on the horizon.

Chauffeur Bob had an extra surprise for the day as he had been busy replacing traditional car horns with Klaxons to all the girls (in case you are not familiar with the Klaxon horn it makes a sound that is best described as “awooga”).  Chauffeur Alan and I agreed that the Klaxons were an interesting addition to the Strawberry Leisure armoury… we reminded ourselves that we were professional chauffeurs and promised not to use the Klaxons unless absolutely necessary. I suppose we got about a quarter of a mile down the road when temptation got the better of us and for the next 20 miles or so we had some fun with our new toys!

It wasn’t long before we pulled up to Victoria’s driveway and were greeted by Nigel (Victoria’s dad). There appeared to be a small problem as one of the bridesmaids needed a replacement slip and with only an hour to go before the ceremony it was going to take a small miracle to find the right size and colour in time. Despite the odds, Gill and Barbara (Bride and Grooms mums) joined forces and set about tracking down the illusive slip. In the meantime everyone was busy packing cases in the vans and getting ready for some quick photos at the ranch before setting off. Just then Barbara and Gill reappeared with good news… They’d done it! A replacement slip would be delivered to the castle gates just in time.

A fabulous wedding day pose with Lulu and Lily at Pendennis Castle on Saturday

It was time to set off to the ceremony at Pendennis Castle in Falmouth.

Chauffeur Alan in Lily was accompanied by Victoria, Nigel, Barbara and Gill. Whilst I, Chauffeur Steff, was in Lulu with Emma, Justine, Gemma, Claire and Lisa, the bridesmaids.

As we drove in convoy I couldn’t help noticing the calm, relaxed atmosphere that was emanating from Lily’s passengers as they discussed the final details of the ceremony, whilst in complete contrast, Lulu was best described as a’ party on wheels’, as the naughty bridesmaids cranked up the volume and sang along to Rhianna and then the Beach Boys and then back to Rhianna again.

Victoria and Philip go through the roof with Lily on Saturday at Pendennis Castle

As we entered Falmouth, we remembered our new toys and had great fun sounding the Klaxons all the way to the castle gate.

As promised, the Gatekeeper handed over the slip and we pulled in to the forecourt. I was instructed to stop so that the slip could be slipped on, well, it is a camper after all!

Victoria and Philip posing through Lily’s ice-cool Safari windows

Off we set for the last straight but as we arrived, we were told that some of the guests were missing. It was suggested that we could drive around the block a few times. We were instructed to park up on the forecourt and await further instruction. After a quick chat with the castle’s Gatekeeper, it was decided that we should continue as planned and drive up to the castle. The bridesmaids jumped out giggling, quickly followed by Victoria, Nigel, Barbara and Gill in Lily.

No sooner had they entered the castle, the heavens opened up with an enormous downpour of rain. Chauffeur Alan and myself couldn’t help feeling that the timing was right with the weather.

Over the rainbow… Philip and Victoria with Lily and Lulu at Pendennis Castle on Saturday 

About an hour later we could hear cheering and clapping as Mr. and Mrs. Corbett walked out as husband and wife.

I mention the weather as it is something beyond any control. Sometimes it can be unforgiving, but in Philip and Victoria’s case it had been kind.

As Philip and Victoria stood holding hands for the last photograph, a perfectly formed rainbow arched above them.

What an endorsement!

Our congratulations and best wishes go to Victoria and Philip x

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