We made it through the rain!

Jenni and Darren’s wedding at The Rose in Vale Country House Hotel, Mithian, with Lola on Monday 27th August 2012

Monday Bank Holidays are known for the wet weather here in the UK. Unfortunately August 27th, 2012, was not going to provide us with a much needed metrological exception writes Chauffeur Steff…

It was dry, albeit for a few precious minutes, as I set off in a gleaming and spirited Lola from Strawberry Leisure HQ to rendezvous with Groom Darren, his Mum, Mary, Best Man Andy and Grandparents, Joyce and Ray at a beautiful cliff-side apartment in Portreath for the first of two trips to The Rose in Vale Country House Hotel at Mithian.

Arriving in good time, I cleaned down Lola after the soggy trip up from deepest West Cornwall.  A quick knock at the door to announce my arrival followed. Darren was eager to get going, so we wasted no time in setting sail for Mithian.

A rather soggy Lola at The Rose in Vale Country House Hotel, Mithian.

Trundling along the picturesque lanes of Portreath listening to Frank Sinatra’s greatest hits I could see that Grandparents, Joyce and Ray were enjoying some nostalgic moments of their own. As luck would have it, leaving earlier was a good plan because upon joining the A30 north bound we learned of a bad accident and the south bound carriage was completely closed. The impact of the road closure was plain to see with tail backs stretching several miles. Fortunately our side of the A30 remained clear.

It wasn’t long before we drew up to the gates at The Rose in Vale County House and from a quick glance in my rear view mirror I could see that everybody was calm and relaxed. Time for some quick poses with Lola before setting off to collect Bride, Jenni, her Mum Liz and Bridesmaids Lily, Esme and Ayse.

Congratulations Jenni and Darren.

That meant a trip back to Portreath over the coast road as the A30 South bound was closed. It takes a bit longer the coastal way but the plan was to make time up on the A30 north bound on the return journey.

This time I was to meet up with the bridal party at a charming set of cottages just off the beach. Just as with Darren, Jenni was keen to get going to the ceremony and despite the pouring rain, Jenni was beaming with excitement.

The rain became heavier as we set off for Mithian and I couldn’t help wondering what else could be sent to try us when suddenly a traffic warning flashed up.

The A30 was now blocked in both directions and with the clock ticking, there was little option but to re-route and go back the way we came and take the longer course after all!

Twisting and turning through the country lanes, chugging up hills and trying to avoid any junctions that might have traffic that may have filtered off the A30.

Despite all of this, Jenni was radiant throughout the journey laughing and smiling. Then as luck would have it, Frank Sinatra sang “Love and Marriage” as we cranked up the stereo. It wasn’t long after that we pulled up the driveway to The Rose in Vale Country House Hotel to be warmly greeted by the staff and registrar. In somewhat difficult conditions, the photographer managed to get a few snaps.

Given a tricky set of navigational challenges and appalling driving conditions, Lola had managed to get our VIP’s to the wedding venue in a respectable time.

It was now over to the registrar in the drier confines of the hotel to pronounce Jenni and Darren as Mr. and Mrs. Morris.

I so much wish the weather could have been better for you!


Congratulations to a lovely, happy couple x

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