A beautiful day in a beautiful bay!

Rebecca and Sally’s Civil Partnership on Sunday 16th September 2012 with Lola at The Carbis Bay Hotel.

There are only two bays in the UK that make it into the coveted “Top Ten Best Bays in the World” ranking. Unsurprisingly, they’re both in Cornwall.

Mounts Bay and St Ives Bay are only a few miles apart but on opposite coasts and it was the latter that Rebecca and Sally chose for their memorable day in the spectacular setting of the Carbis Bay Hotel.

Rebecca is a wedding industry professional from the ‘Garden of England’ and has clearly got an eye for excellence. Between them Rebecca and Sally staged a moving and memorable, intimate day of perfection in every respect, including the weather…

So the carefully prepared stage was set; one of the finest bays in the world in which nestles a venue with a vista to die for and burgeoning trophy cabinet. Westcountry ‘Reportage’ photographer of the year, Kiss were there and of course ourselves; outright winners of the 2012 Westcountry Wedding Awards transport category and ranked by Dossier Weddings, as the UK’s ‘Crème of the Crop’.

Sally with Mum, Diane, and Dad, Peter, setting off for the Carbis Bay Hotel in Lola.  

The all star line-up didn’t end here though. A certain new incumbent to Cornwall, Sam de la Haye, professional musician from Jersey, blew everyone’s socks off with some divine piano playing and singing. This is where I, Chauffeur Bob, had best confess to being a frustrated classical pianist  – “playing all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order”, as the late, great Eric Morcombe once said!  You’ll be hearing much more about Sam in the future, of that you can be certain!

An incredibly shiny Lola arriving to collect Rebecca, Mum and Dad.

Rebecca with Mum, Julie… keeping calm and carrying on!

First port of call on this ‘Indian-Summer’ Sunday was to collect Sally along with her Mum, Diane and Dad, Peter from their apartment overlooking Porthmeor Beach in St Ives.

We had a lovely chug through St Ives in Lola with her famously rare ragtop rolled fully back and created the usual frenzy of attention and waving. We duly arrived at Carbis Bay Hotel to be greeted by the effervescent and lovely Victoria Williams. Snapping alongside were Ricky and Jenny of Kiss Photography.

Rebecca’s Dad, Paul getting ready to depart in Lola.

A few hugs and kisses (a perk of the job) and I was off to collect Rebecca, her Mum, Julie and Dad, Paul from their apartment in deepest ’Downalong’, St Ives.

St Ives was bustling with holiday makers and sight sightseers, no doubt buoyed by the late arrival of Bristish Summer Time and the St Ives September Festival of Music and Art.

Rebecca emerged with her mum and dad and, like Sally and her parents just a few minutes before, fell in love with Lola. Rebecca looked gorgeous in a simple but stunning dress and delicate veil. It was clear however that the occasion was getting to her and everyone else, come to that – me included!

Time to reach into the Kath Kidston’s bag of emergency supplies and pull out our ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ tissues.  A few moments later and with our composure’s restored, we made our departure.

I interrupted our final approach to the hotel by pausing at the top of the hill to roll back Lola’s ragtop and give Victoria a ‘we’re nearly there’ courtesy call.

Upon arrival the party received the same warm welcome afforded to Sally’s entourage 30 minutes or so earlier.

A fisheye lens view of Lola outside the Carbis Bay Hotel.

Throughout the 40 minute ceremony, Lola continued to receive oodles of attention from the many guests arriving and departing the hotel’s Sunday Roast which by now was permeating the ether and sending my taste buds into overdrive.  So you can imagine my gratitude when Rebecca’s Dad, Paul, emerged from the celebrations taking place on the hotel’s lawn, carrying a slate tray bearing gifts of the nibble kind… roast Yorky’s with beef and horseradish along with mini fish ‘n’ chip and mushy pee tartlet chasers – fabulous!

Sam de la Haye – superb musical entertainment and what a backdrop!

Then the heavenly music started, played outside on the lawn by the aforementioned maestro, Sarah de la Haye – even more fabulous!

A monsoon of confetti greets the happy couple.

Aided and guided by photographer Ricky, we moved what seemed like a large potted ‘Triffid’ so we could get Lola round onto the lawn to join the happy couple (sorry Victoria), their guests, the sun, the views, great music and more Yorkies! A photo fest soon ensued with Lola amidst a wonderful ambiance. It was at this stage that I stumbled across a ‘fisheye’ setting on my new blogging Cannon Box Brownie. I could see Jenny from Kiss photography was really impressed by this feature – I sensed a degree of envy, particularly as I was able to pull it out from my inside jacket pocket. I managed to get a series of shots with my new found setting. Perhaps not to everyone’s taste, but I quite liked the effect.

An equisite capture from maestro Ricky… not sure about my expression though!

We did the ‘shampoo’ cork popping picture, captured brilliantly by maestro, Ricky.

Captured by Chauffeur Bob’s telephoto Box Brownie – a lovely stroll on a beautiful beach. 

The afternoon went in a flash and such was the enjoyment, it was regretfully soon time to depart with Rebecca and Sally for their reception at The Loft Restaurant back in St Ives.

We agreed to let Ricky and Jenny get going ahead of us to give them chance to get their car parked and catch up with us in the harbour. As we drove through St Ives amidst the waves and cheers of onlookers we could see Ricky, who had by now adopted the ‘Paparazzi Stance’ astride in the middle of the road, still snapping away.

Time for a final pose with Lola against the majestic Carbis Bay.

We pulled over to let Jenny and Ricky jump aboard for the final few hundred yard chug to the Loft Restaurant. Ricky couldn’t quite get over the attention were we’re all getting in Lola as we rounded the corner by the Sloop.

It was nearing the end of our involvement in Rebecca and Sally’s lovely day but we still managed to solicit a final few minutes of fun as we arrived at our ultimate destination.

Hugs and kisses followed as we said our goodbyes in front of a sizeable gathering of onlookers and well wishers.

Just a couple of my fisheye snaps to finish off with, taken with my new toy…

All photographs taken by Chauffeur Bob apart from the ones marked Kiss Photography.

www.carbisbayhotel.co.uk   www.kissphotography.co.uk


Congratulations to a special couple x

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