A bright fushia for Lola, Nikita and Andrew!

Nikita and Andrew’s wedding at St Pirans Church, Penhallow with Lola on Saturday 22nd September 2012. 

Nikita with Andrew and Lola on Porth Beach, Newquay.

After seeing Chauffeur’s Steff and Brett safely away in Lily and Lulu respectively for their weddings at St Austell and Falmouth, I, Chauffeur Bob, boarded our gleaming ‘showgirl’ Lola and departed Strawberry Leisure HQ.

Wearing unmissable ‘hot/fushia pink’ ribbons and ivory bows (Lola that is!), our first destination this morning was Indian Queens to collect Lola’s VIPs for the day; Bride Nikita, her Dad, Nick, and Flower Girls, Maisie and Millie.

As we chugged and neared our pick-up address I couldn’t help noticing that the weather was slowly on the turn. It certainly felt a woolly vest cooler than the day before. However, as it turned out, the rain held off and despite some menacing looking skys, it was to remain dry all day.

As ever, with good wedding day chauffeuring practice, our arrival was well ahead of schedule. I parked-up just around the corner from Nikita’s address.  So it was into a quick wipe over of Lola, a tidy of the bows, straightening of the tie and quick wash behind the ears for good measure. It was with flannel wedged behind ear that I heard someone call, “Bob”. I immediately thought it was someone from the bridal party. Instead, I could see it was friend and fellow wedding industry colleague, Elaine Rawlings from County Cream. We had time for a brief chat about, you guessed it … weddings!

Lola at Indian Queens awaiting the bridal party.

I did need some help finding the ‘tucked away’ pick-up address. A swift phone call sorted everything and within minutes, a pristine Lola and Chauffeur were united with the bridal party.

For the second day in succession everyone was ready; Bride, father of the bride (Nick), Mum (Maria), Flower Girls (Maisie and Millie) and Bridesmaids. A most worrying trend I must say, with tradition changing consequences destined to diminish the sheer excitement, stress and panic from the proceedings.

Nikita with Mum, Maria, Dad, Nick and Bridesmaids.

Suffice it to say, we arrived in the vicinity of St Pirans Church, Perranzabuloe with military timing. Nikita’s Mum, Maria and bridesmaids were already there, courtesy of a stretched Volvo which left a tad before us.

Lola’s full-length ragtop was once again cranked open as we approached the church, awaiting vicar, Mum and bridesmaids.

Flower Girls, Maisie and Millie, with Nikita and her Dad leaving for the church.

On cue from the vicar, the bridal party made their way into the church and within minutes the congregation could be heard singing the first hymn of the day’s repetoire especially selected by Nikita and Andrew.

The bridal party make their procession into the church.

There was a real nip in the air outside, drawing comments from onlookers and passers by, as did Lola of course!

Mr and Mrs Coad, emerged an hour or so later, smiling from ear to ear with happiness and excitement. The ‘shampoo’ cork was popped and with glasses charged, a confetti throwing and photo frenzy ensued.

Attention grabbing Lola awaiting the arrival of the Bride and Groom.

It’s time to pop the ‘shampoo’ and celebrate!

Has anyone got a vacuum cleaner?

Andrew and Nikita making full use of Lola’s unique topless feature.

Nikita and Andrew had to make an enforced change with respect to their reception venue. It was initially arranged for Falmouth’s Best Western Beach Hotel, which was destroyed by fire earlier this year. Their revised venue which we were to depart for was on the opposite coast – The Hotel Bristol in Newquay.

Nikita and Andrew having fun on Porth Beach.

So it was with Nikita and Andrew standing on ‘two foot’ of confetti, that we made our royal hand waving and klaxon sounding departure, heading for Newquay but with a pre-arranged penultimate port of call; Porth Beach. Photographer Kensa Clements managed to keep up with us as we chugged flat out at about about 40 mph!

Porth Beach was busier and warmer than expected and as we made our way with Lola onto the sand, we noticed another couple being ‘snapped’ on their grand jour. Keeping our distance we found a safe place to land. Nikita was keen to don Lola’s now famous beach Weddington Boots and join Andrew outside for some fun.

We all had a fabulous time, spurred on by the newleyweds great sense of fun and humour. I honestly think we would have been building sand castles had we tucked a bucket and spade away in Lola’s boot!

It was a wonderful setting for what will no doubt be some wonderful photographs and lasting memories.

Time for one final dramatic pose… the reception awaits! 

Arriving at The Hotel Bristol was in itself a lovely occasion, with Nikita and Andrew standing throughout our final approach and music playing. Guests had lined the entrance and windows to welcome the happy couple and get the formal evening celebrations well and truly under way.

We said our goodbyes and had a few hugs and kisses (perk of the job). Nikita’s Mum and Dad both came over to thank me and Lola personally.

What another great day – simply the best job in the world!


Mr and Mrs Coad depart for Lanzarote soon  – we wish them health and happiness x.

Post script…

A nice little email popped in today, 22nd September:

Dear Bob and all at Strawberry Leisure, Thank you so very much for the wonderful day on Saturday with Bob and the fantastic Lola, she made Nikita and Andrew’s day, everyone fell in love that day with a special VW. Love, Maria & Nick Pritchard




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