A Roseland adventure to remember in Lola and Lily!

Rebecca and Lee’s wedding at St Mawes Castle with Lola and Lily on Saturday 15th September 2012

 Lola and Lily looking absolutely resplendent outside St Mawes Castle.

Chauffeurs Steff and Brett were on parade today with Lola and Lily for Rebecca and Lee’s special day. As you will read, it turned out to be a bit of an adventure. Chauffeur Steff picks up the story…

Strawberry Leisure offers a unique, bespoke wedding transport service because we know that each and every wedding is as unique as you are, no two weddings are the same. Today Lee and Rebecca were about to show us just how far you can go with unique!

It was 9am on Saturday 15th and I was first to depart from Strawberry Leisure HQ in charge of Lola. Destination Howards Hotel, St Ives, to escort Lee, Chris, Roy, Sharon and three young page boys to St Mawes Castle. And at 9.30am Brett would depart from HQ in Lily to rendezvous with Rebecca, Stirling, Alison and several bridesmaids from Skidden Hill, St Ives, and escort them to St Mawes Castle.

Rebecca with Mum, Alison, Dad, Stirling, Bridesmaids and Flower Girls with Lily.

The race was on. Timing was of the upmost importance, because if we didn’t judge the traffic and ferry correctly then the bride and groom could meet up en route and that wouldn’t do at all.

Upon arrival I was greeted by Lee (the groom) and several other guests, quite a lot in fact! The groom’s party were dressed in bullet grey suites that looked super cool! Celebrations had started early as a champagne breakfast was obviously on the menu.

Lee with ‘The Boys’ at St Mawes Castle.

Lola attracted her usual photo frenzy fun loving attention and it was time to set off. I guess I couldn’t have been paying that much attention to the guests as they departed one by one, but I did notice that the car park was now empty. As I pulled around the corner it was easy to see why, an abundance of cars lined the road waiting for us to lead the way to the castle.

One by one the cars pulled up behind one another to make a gigantic wedding convoy. From now on we owned the road. Every roundabout, every junction, every little lane was ours! We are used to creating chaos wherever we go, but this journey was going to be epic. Because we effectively owned the road, we made good time and met with the ferry just as the gates were about to closed in readiness for the return journey. A quick blast of the klaxon and the ferry opened the gates once more, allowing us to fill every available space.

Rebecca and Lee’s guests make their way into the spectacular St Mawes castle.

Thankfully as we arrived at the castle, the top car park had been cordoned off for the wedding party and with Lee safely delivered at the ceremony address, it was down to Brett to time his presence so that Rebecca would arrive at that perfect moment.

Sure enough, exactly as planned, Brett chauffeured Lily around the final corner to be greeted by an eager photographer and onlookers.

Causing a stir! – Lola and Lily awaiting the bride, groom and entourage.

This first phase of the mission was successfully accomplished. With Rebecca and Lee safely delivered at the castle, Brett and I took turns answering questions from the crowds of admirers that had gathered and before we knew it the wedding party was ready to depart back to sunny St Ives. Before we could go anywhere, however, we had to serve a toast to our newlyweds with the customary champagne, photo shoot and cheering.

Rebecca and Lee were travelling back with me in Lola and as it was a beautiful day I rolled back her incredibly rare and magical rag top and pumped up the music as we drove on through ‘downtown’ St Mawes, accompanied by the screaming of a very excited Rebecca, clapping from the onlookers and cheering from the guests!

Chauffeur Steff removes the safety catch from the shampoo to commence the celebrations.

As luck would have it, we arrived just on time for the ferry return crossing. This time we had even more vehicles than before, as Lola and Lily led the way on board the King Harry Ferry.

Congratulations Rebecca and Lee!

Finally the last car on and the gates closed. Now I know it was a silly thing to do, but I couldn’t resist one little blast of the klaxon just for fun… and, at that point I realised what I had done, as every car on board blasted their horns in celebration – the noise was unbelievably loud, so loud that a passing container ship blasted her horn in response!

It had been a very hot day and this had taken its toll on some of the very young guests. I was approached by one of the parents who had concerns as some of the children needed to get back to the hotel quickly for medication. The problem was that the convoy was too slow and that they didn’t know the way. No problem – I set up a spare sat nav to guide them back to the hotel safely.

Lola and Lily preparing for departure and adventure!

It was then onto the next unexpected request, as one of the convoy was about to run out of petrol. No problem, a quick detour and the entire convoy engulfed a remote petrol station and made good use of the forecourt and shop.

Eventually we were off and the convoy chugged in to St Ives, greeted by members of the public standing either side of the roads clapping and cheering. We had arrived in no uncertain terms at Rebecca and Lee’s reception venue, Chy-an-Albany Hotel.

What an adventure!



Congratulations and very best wishes to an adventurous couple x.

19th Septemeber and we have just received this lovely little message from Rebecca and Lee…

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for making our day so special. Our drivers Steff and Brett we’re brilliant and couldn’t have asked for anything more, they really created a lovely atmosphere. The write-up is amazing. Infact, is brought a tear to my eye – would recommend Strawberry Leisure 1 million percent. The cars are truly eye catchers and draw a lot of attention. Thanks for the photos you took – they’re lovely and again thanks for contributing to our magical day, Rebecca & Lee x




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