“Barry, I presume?”

Barry & Jessica’s wedding at Pendennis Castle with Lulu on Saturday 22nd September 2012

Barry with Jessica celebrate in Lulu, Strawberry Leisure’s radiant VW campervan. 

It was an early start today for me, Chauffeur Brett …  Lulu was due to depart Strawberry Leisure HQ at 8.15am for a pick up of the Groom, Barry, from Falmouth, allowing extra time in case of unforeseen traffic delays.

Arriving promptly, I knocked on the door and introduced myself to the smartly attired gentleman who answered “Hi, I’m Brett, your Chauffeur for today, are you Barry?”  Meeting with a negative response,  I was invited in, only to come face to face with another smartly attired gentleman having his photograph taken.  Assuming this was the Groom, I introduced myself and asked if he was Barry only to meet with a further negative – I finally found Barry in the kitchen. In hindsight a more appropriate address would have been that of the late Henry Morton Stanley; “Barry, I presume?”

Ready for departure in Lulu; Jessica with Dad; Roger and Flower Girl; Clea.

Barry, along with his Best Man; David and Usher; Scott, jumped aboard Lulu for our timely departure for the spectacular Pendennis Castle; a mighty fortress built by Henry VIII to defend the country from invasion. However, its ability to defend a chauffeur taking guard outside from a chilly South Westerly was clearly not part of Henry’s design remit!

We arrived in good time, to be greeted by Colin of Macleod Paul Photography, on-hand to capture the boys arrival in Lulu.

With mission accomplished, it was about turn, back through the portcullis and into downtown Falmouth to collect Jessica, her Dad Roger and Flower Girl; Clea.

Even after allowing for a few snaps at Jessica’s pick-up address, we were still well ahead of schedule for Lulu’s final trip to the castle. So en-route we decided to go on a detour via Pendennis Head where we paused to soak up the views and composure ourselves before storming the castle.

As requested, our arrival at the gates was at precisely 10:50, ten minutes before Jessica and Barry’s allotted ceremony time to attend to the very serious formalities with the registrar.

Jessica, along with Dad; Roger and Flower Girl; Clea, gracefully made their way into the castle, awaiting registrar and congregation.

Calmness descended outside for the next chilly one and half hours before everything sprang back into life with the emergence of the happy couple, flanked by their guests and the sound of whirring cameras shutters.

Congratulations Jessica and Barry!

Hope that cannon’s not loaded!

A mega shiny Lulu with Barry and Jessica at Pendennis Castle.

By 2pm we were ready to give the castle’s defences the slip and head off for our penultimate destination; Gyllyngvase Beach for a rendezvous with photographer Colin and the now nicely chilled ‘Shampoo’!

Despite a degree of apprehension (conditions did not seem that inviting) Jessica and Barry went for it and I could tell they were really having fun and making the most of a few final precious intimate moments together before joining their guests to kick off the evenings proceedings!

Glasses charged with ‘shampoo’, Lulu made the final short trip with her VIPs to the adjacent St Michaels Hotel and Spa to conclude a lovely day in great company.




Best wishes and congratulations to Jessica and Barry x.

Post Script…

Barry and Jessica have just returned from Honeymoon . The following email arrived today, 6th October 2012:

Hello, just got back from honeymoon and would like to say a Big thank you to Strawberry Lesiure for your professionalism and your level of service. Brett was an amazing chauffeur catered for every need and timings were perfect! and we managed to get beautiful photos once again Thank you very much for being a part of our big day.

 Many Thanks Mr and Mrs Mcaleer

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