Coast to Coast Lily!

Ruth & Rob’s wedding at the Blue Bar Porthtowan with Lily on Saturday 8th September 2012

Lily outside The Blue Bar Porthtowan awaiting the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Penty.

Today’s wedding was a slightly earlier start than usual and given the warm, late summer weather we have been enjoying it was predictably, a little misty as I, Chauffeur Alan, got suited but the forecast was for another warm sunny day.  By the time I arrived at Strawberry Leisure HQ, the sun had burned through the mist and there to meet and greet me was Chauffeur Bob and, of course, Lily, sparkling like a mirror, attired in Ivory bows and ribbons and already loaded with champers ready for the off.

With all the usual checks and briefings sorted, I was first out the gates at 9am and heading for Falmouth to collect my VIP’s – bride, Ruth and her bridal entourage.

My destination was the impressive waterside, Greenbank Hotel. Arriving bang on schedule, I could see that there were two coaches, loaded with wedding guests readying themselves for departure. After they had left, I made my way to reception to announce my arrival and state of readiness.

After a few minutes of waiting in the lobby, down the stairs came an entourage of beautiful ladies; bride Ruth and her bridesmaids Cat, Liz, Veronica, Izzy, Becca and Connie. We headed outside to join Lily for a few customary ‘departure of the bridal party’ photos and eventually boarded for our coast to coast trip.  As we chugged away, I couldn’t resist a quick blast of the Klaxon which was immediately followed by loud screams and shrieks of excitement from the girls. My intuition was confirmed – we were going to be in for a fun day!

Ruth and Rob celebrate becoming Mr. and Mrs. Penty with Lily at Porthtowan.

We left Falmouth, abutting The English Channel on Cornwall’s South Coast heading for The Blue Bar at Porthtowan, nestling on Cornwall’s Northern coast facing the Celtic Sea. Boys will be boys, and girls will be girls come to that! So, it perhaps comes as no surprise to learn that Lily’s Klaxon came in for some serious punishment en-route, each time egged-on and followed with screams and shrieks from Lily’s  ‘naughty’ passengers!

Just before arriving for the ceremony we stopped to roll back Lily’s famously rare ragtop, posed for some more photos and then made our final approach towards the Blue Bar. As it came in sight, the sound system was wicked-up, the Klaxon came in for even more punishment and the girls, some of them with heads out of the roof, were also very vocal.

The Blue Bar, guests, onlookers, well-wishers  and the population of Porthtowan come to that, knew we had arrived!

Guests enjoying the occasion and sun outside The Blue Bar.

After the ceremony, everyone stayed for a while for drinkies, canapés, frolicking and photos on the beach.

When it was time to go, we let the guests board the busses and head for Falmouth, then Ruth and husband Rob, after some more photos, boarded Lily and we meandered back to Falmouth with a bit of quiet time for them both … at last alone for a little while.

Back at the Greenbank Hotel in Falmouth, the coaches arrived just after us, so Ruth and Rob were able to see their guests in for the reception.

It was a very enjoyable day for everyone and we wish Rob and Ruth all the best in their married life together x

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