Lily for April in September!

April and Liam’s wedding at St Mary Church Bisovey with Lily on Saturday 22nd September 2012

Lily outside St Mary Church, Bisovey awaiting the bride and groom.

It was an early start today; destination the beautiful cove of Pentewan Sands, with a departure scheduled for 08:00 from Strawberry Leisure HQ.  Set off times have been brought forward recently because of the summer traffic – Saturdays can be difficult to predict on the Cornish highways. The air was crisp and the mist rolled down the valleys as the sun slowly warmed Lily.

Upon arrival I, Chauffeur Steff, reported to Liam, who was already suited up and the other guys were nearly ready too. Things seemed to be well organised, well until someone said “where are the flowers?”  Oh no, there seemed to have been a major mistake … the flowers had been ordered for the correct day but for the wrong time! Enter Steve (April’s Dad) who quickly jumped on to a push bike and shot off to the florist to pick them up … what a life saver.

With that problem solved, it was time to get Liam, Best man, Steve, and Ushers; Adam, Jake and Martyn to the church. The traffic was kind to us, so it wasn’t long before we were at St Mary’s Church. I indicated to pull in and the boys all started shouting to drive on down the road. I was a little confused, thinking perhaps I’d got the wrong church. Strange, as we always check and double check the details of the day. “Just keep driving mate” someone shouted over the music, so I drove on past the church and a few yards later they all shouted “Stop”! Then I realised why, as we pulled up to the village pub!

The ‘boys’ have arrived!

With the lads safely delivered to the … pub, it was time to collect April and take her to the church!

By now the sun was at full strength and the conditions were perfect. Upon arrival back at Pentewan Sands Holiday Park, I was given instructions from the receptionist who directed me to where April was staying. As I pulled up at her apartment, I met with the photographers (Tim Hind Photography), who took a few snaps of the bridesmaids and a couple with April and her Dad, Steve.

Pre nuptial April with bridesmaids Louise, Lauren, Holly, Mel and Flower Girl. 

April looked stunning in a pure white gown with a captivating sparkle and a sweetheart neckline. One last snap and we set off. Just as before, the traffic was good and we made it to the church in good time. I drove in to the churchyard and we were greeted by the guests and some onlookers from the village.  April looked quite nervous but was very determined not to let her nerves get the better of her. A deep breath and escorted by her father, Steve, she stepped out in to the sunshine and up the steps to the ceremony.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Turner!

April and Liam at Pentewan sands Beach with Lily.

With everyone at the ceremony, I repositioned Lily and took some time to clean her down. Time flies when you are having fun and before I knew it, Mr and Mrs Turner were ready for a champagne toast in Lily.  April had controlled her nerves really well and Liam was grinning from ear to ear with delight as everyone along with photographer Tim Hind, gathered to take pictures and cheer.  I rolled back the rag top, pumped up the sounds and we rolled on out destined for Pentewan Sands where the reception was to take place.

Congratulations and best wishes April and Liam x


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