Lily in the Garden of Eden

Claire & Kevin’s wedding at the Eden Project with Lily on Friday 31st August 2012

Chauffeur Bob had planned to drive Lily today but a last minute shoulder injury, no doubt exacerbated by excessive polishing, necessitated a last minute change of plan. Thankfully, Chauffeur Steff was on hand and jumped aboard Lily to send us this report…

It was Friday and the sun was shining, the birds were singing and it was going to be a great day.  Suit pressed, shirt and tie ready, it was time to set off to Strawberry Leisure HQ, writes Chauffeur Steff.

Lily at the Eden Project for Claire and Kevin’s wedding.

Today was a special day for Kevin and Claire as I set off with Lily in the direction of St Austell.

Lily is a real gem and like all the Strawberry leisure VW campers she has her own character. Today Lily was in her “can’t wait to get to the wedding” mood as I sped up the bypass towards our destination.

As you can imagine, it didn’t take long to get to St Austell so I pulled in to a layby and cleaned Lily down and checked her over. Laybys can be good for this kind of thing but we do tend to attract attention and often traffic jams, as the passers-by slow down to take pictures.

One last check and I set off destined for The Cornwall Hotel Spa and Estate where Kevin and the lads would be waiting.  As I pulled up the long winding drive, I could see the wedding party eagerly waiting, but on closer inspection I could only see two; Kevin and best man Adie were here but Simon and Ben were nowhere to be seen. To make things worse, nobody seemed to know where they were. Time was ticking on and despite my best efforts to entertain Kevin and Adie, pressure was building up. 20 minutes later Simon and Ben appeared, so it was time to floor it to the ceremony (flooring it refers to the maximum acceleration from a standing point… or in VW terms 0 to 16mph in 20 minutes).

Closely followed by the photographer, we did a detour down the old “London Apprentice” route to be sure of getting there on time. Even though the photographer was local, he wasn’t expecting a right turn and had never driven the route before. The route was ideal for two purposes, one to avoid the busy Friday afternoon traffic and secondly the calming country lanes and pretty little hamlets helped ease tensions with the groom and party. With the music cranked up and the sun beaming down, the lads were having quite a laugh in the back as we drew up to the entrance of the Eden Project. This was it… they were getting married in the Biomes!

As we pulled up to the private section, I was guided to the drop off point by security and I couldn’t help overhearing a discussion about energy savings from the groom’s party in the back, when suddenly we had to stop as a Ford Transit was being pushed through the car park. Somebody cracked a one liner about energy saving and then we all noticed the sticker on the back door that said “van of the year” and from thereon in we were crying with laughter.

Claire and Kevin with Bridesmaids, Kate, Sarah, Jo, Paige and Lucy.

The boys were safely delivered, so it was time to collect Claire and the bridal party.

The return journey was interesting as I chose to go through St Austell to see how the traffic was building up. It was getting kind of busy so to be on the safe side I decided to take Claire the same way as the boys.

Pulling up at The Cornwall Hotel Spa and Estate I was greeted by some very excited ladies. Claire, her Mum, Jane, and Bridesmaids, Kate, Sarah, Jo, Paige and Lucy were all lined up ready to go. As we had time to spare, I offered to take a few snaps of everyone as they posed with Lily and then we set off to join Kevin at the Eden project Biomes at a leisurely pace down the same route as earlier.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Pegler!

This time Jane sat in the front and Claire, Kate, Sarah, Jo, Paige and Lucy were in the back. With Olly Murs playing on the sound system, the country lanes and hamlets were brightened with the sounds of singing and laughter. Suddenly I heard someone shriek as one of the naughty bridesmaids found Lily’s bag of essential goodies!

Lily’s safari windows – much cooler than flip-up sunglasses!

With only half a mile to go and the stereo cranking out “soul sister” we pulled in to the Eden Project to be guided down to the Biomes. People everywhere stopped to clap as we slowly chugged along the footpaths to our final destination where Kevin and Claire were to be pronounced man and wife!

Congratulations and best wishes, Claire & Kevin x


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