Lily in the Navy!

Alison and Ben’s wedding at the Carbis Bay Hotel with Lily on Monday 24th September 2012

Mirror finish Lily in Navy at Carbis Bay Hotel – wow!

Lily likes Helston. I can tell when driving her – she has a certain spring in her step when we head in that direction. Lily is as SAMBA after all and Helston home to ‘The Furry Dance’!

It was a very pleasant September day, as I, Chauffeur Bob set course for Helston on a crest of ‘waves’ in our attention grabbing Lily, appropriately wearing Navy blue ribbons.

Those of you blessed with the fine art of super sleuth deduction may have already sensed a nautical thread emerging…

Our first destination was to collect bride Alison and bridesmaids, Becky and Natalie from what turned out to be a rather relaxed and orderly ‘bridal boudoir’ – the bride’s pick-up address. ‘That Place’, which more often than not, resembles a re-enactment of the Industrial Revolution, fit enough to grace any Olympic Games opening ceremony!

Pre nuptial – Alison with Becky and Natalie before departing Helston in Lily.

Moreover, Lisa, Becky and Natalie were all ready for the off and although I arrived a good 30 minutes or so before we needed to depart, our VIP’s wanted to get going straight away. Off we chugged.

Lovely Loraine from Tick Tock Photos was there to capture our departure and followed us on our waving Floral Dance via down-town Helston and onwards to Carbis Bay.

With plenty of time on our hands before Alison’s allotted appointment with the registrar for pre-nuptial matters of the ‘most serious’ kind, I suggested that we go on a royal, open-top hand waving tour of St Ives – a motion passed with unanimous approval.

Tick Tock Loraine had managed to keep up with our 35 to 40 mile an hour sprint from Helston to Carbis Bay. We paused so Loraine could park-up and join us in the ‘party bus’ for our excursion into St Ives – it was all going like clockwork!

As ever the experience was second to none and again, Lily’s VIP’s, professional photographer included, just couldn’t get over the reaction our vehicles get from passersby and onlookers.

Pre nuptial – the girls go ‘through the roof’ causing quite a stir in St Ives with Lily!

We parked up by the Sloop Inn and captured some lovely pre-nuptial moments.  Time was now encroaching and with a ceremony scheduled for 1:30pm, I needed to interrupt everyone’s fun to ensure we arrived on time. ‘On time’ for Alison was 1:15pm for that Tete-a-Tete with the Registrar!

I made my courtesy call to the hotel; “Hello Victoria – Chauffeur Bob here and we’re just a few minutes away”. “Don’t come yet as quite a few guests are missing”, was the retort from the ever effervescent Victoria, “give it another fifteen minutes”.

We parked-up around the corner in a leafy lane, chatted and listened to music. If we had a kettle I would have put it on – it was all so relaxed. Photographer Loraine collected her car and made her way to the hotel to join hubby Nige Tock.

The awe- inspiring vista of St Ives Bay took our breaths away as Lily eventually made her ‘finals’ down to the hotel. A few blasts on her Klaxon and our excited VIP’s had arrived to be warmly greeted by the still effervescent, lovely Victoria.

Ben the groom is in the Royal Navy and it soon emerged that some of his colleagues were held up getting to the ceremony seemingly by matters pertaining to Her Majesty’s Forces.

All was now well however and Alison with her entourage made their way into the hotel, awaiting registrar, guests and hubby designate.

About 15 minutes later a guy came running up to me asking where the ceremony was taking place and had they been in there long. He explained that he was one of Ben’s naval colleagues and had been struggling to get away on time for the ceremony. Alas, he decided not to interrupt the proceedings and waited for the happy couple to emerge post ceremony.

Alison and Ben with guests on the hotel’s spectacular terrace. 

Alison and Ben loved Lily.

You can’t do this with a tin top!

Congratulations Alison and Ben… cheers!

Approximately 20 minutes later Mr. and Mrs. Houghton stepped onto the hotel’s terrace, overlooking one of the world’s most beautiful bays to begin their celebrations.

Lily meanwhile was getting copious amounts of attention from their guests as well as visitors to the hotel. All in all, I must have spent a good hour fielding questions, posing and taking snaps with guest’s cameras – all immensely entertaining and enjoyable.

The newlyweds, smiling from ear to ear eventually made their way round to the front to join me and Lily for a spin back into St Ives, some royal hand waving and photo session on Porthgwidden Beach.  Given that time was flying, we were destined to be under a little pressure time wise, but with the sun shining, the ‘shampoo’ chilling and a topless Lily looking at her seductress best, we went for it.

Alison, Ben, and myself come to that, enjoyed a moving chug through St Ives and round to the beach. Loraine and Nige joined us to capture some priceless moments in time. It was at this stage that I noticed my new blogging camera had thrown a bit of a wobbly (later to be diagnosed as operator error), hence the absence of beach pictures from myself –sorry! However, I’m sure some fab pictures will soon be posted from the professionals at Tick Tock.

I was just thinking we ought to be getting back and remember mentioning that I don’t want to get into Victoria’s bad books, when the phone rang! It was, as suspected, the hotel – “we’re just leaving and we’ll be back in a few minutes”. It was regretfully but definitely time to depart.

Before saying our goodbyes I asked about honeymoon plans. Alison explained that these have had to be deferred as Ben is shortly away on Naval duty for a few months – “You get used to it” said Alison.

(All pictures taken by Strawberry Leisure unless otherwise stated)

Congratulations to a great couple, best wishes and have a lovely honeymoon when the time comes x

Post script.

On the 28th September a lovely set of photos, taken by Tick Tock photography arrived from Alison…





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